Welcoming weeks

Each semester ”Uppsalaekonomerna” organizes welcoming weeks for the new business and  economics students, also called “Recceveckorna”. These weeks are for the new students to get to know Uppsala and what the life as a student has to offer. Recceveckorna is for many people where they get their first friends, experience their first night at what we in Uppsala call ”nationer” and create memories for life.

The association also organizes Master Welcoming Weeks, the welcoming weeks for new master students at Uppsala university and business related programs.

To participate in Recceveckorna and Master Welcoming Weeks you need to be a member of Uppsalaekonomerna. Membership is free and you simply register at Uppsalaekonomernas website. This means that everyone can participate, regardless of program or course.

If you are a part of the Buddysystemprogram for exchange students your buddy can help you to join the recceveckor. As a new student there’s already a lot to think about and therefore the faddrar or project group will help you with arranging everything from membership in Uppsalaekonomerna to join the ”nationer”.

Recceveckorna and Master Welcoming Weeks starts the first day of the semester, according to the FEK A/Business & Economics programs/Master programs schedule and it will last for a couple of weeks with a few events per week. More specific dates will be announced on the Facebook page of Recceveckorna or Master Welcoming Weeks.

Attending the Welcoming weeks will make your first time in Uppsala as amazing as possible. You will not only get to experience a lot of fun things that the student life has to offer and see the best sides of the city of Uppsala. We can almost certainly guarantee that you will make friends for life and never forget your first weeks in Uppsala.

Any questions? Send us an email at:

Recceveckor: generalerna@uppsalaekonomerna.com

Master Welcoming Weeks: mww@uppsalaekonomerna.com


Photo: Marcus Olsson