The Welcoming Committee is responsible for Uppsalaekonomerna’s welcoming events for all new students! We want to make sure that you get the best possible start on your time in Uppsala and the opportunity to meet friends for life!

The committee reaches out to all new students who come to Uppsala University. We have something for everyone, whether you are studying economics or something else, if you are a master student or an exchange student. We are responsible for three projects: Recceveckorna, Master Welcoming Weeks and Buddysystem. You can either only participate in our events, or be involved in arranging our projects.

Committee Meetings

The Welcoming Committee will hold committee meetings on Thursdays every three weeks at 4 pm at Uppsalaekonomerna’s association house Borgen. Here you find out everything that is going on in the committee and our projects, but also how you can get involved. Here you can also come by if you just hang out or get some coffee.

About us

The Welcoming Committee has, in addition to its project groups for each event, a president and a vice president who have overall responsibility for the committee. The president and vice president function, among other things, as support and guidance for project groups, convey contact internally through the rest of the association and are responsible for start-up meetings, reconciliation meetings and committee meetings. In the Welcome Committee, the president and vice president have relatively similar tasks. The president also has budget responsibility and looks over the project’s budgets, as well as the committee budget.

The president is responsible for the budget and has overall responsibility for the entire committee. In addition to this, the president is a member of the UG (the committee group) and is involved and responsible for the committee meetings.

The vice president is responsible for coaching a handful of project groups. In addition to this, the vice president is a part of MUM which are meetings focused on personal development and leadership.

If you have any questions about the committee, our projects or anything else – do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us via valkomstutskottet@uppsalaekonomerna.com or by phone!


  • Recceveckorna
    Recceveckorna project image

    To welcome all new students we host the popular “Recentiorveckorna” on the start of every semester. Recceveckorna consists of events and competitions where you, together with your team, can experience events like soap box car reace and toga parties. This fall the theme is “Seasons of Joy” and previous themes has been everything from “Five Elements” to “Zoo Island” and “One Wish”. Everyone is welcome to join – new as old, if you study within a program or course by course. For many people Recceveckorna is the most fun part about studying!

    Contact: generalerna@uppsalaekonomerna.com

  • Buddysystem
    Buddysystem project image

    Buddysystem’s purpose is to welcome new international exchange students to Uppsala University by creating fun events that both international and Swedish students can take part of. A Buddy in this context is a Swedish student who has been paired with an international student with the aim of being there to answer questions and be a friend to turn to.

    Contact: buddysystem@uppsalaekonomerna.com

  • Master Welcoming Weeks
    Master Welcoming Weeks project image

    The Master Welcoming Weeks are arranges every autumn to introduce all new Master’s students to Uppsala! During the Master Welcoming Weeks several activities takes place such as a pub-crawl, a barbeque party, corporate events and a Mastergasque.

    Contact: masterwelcomingweeks@uppsalaekonomerna.com