Uppsalaekonomerna Mentorship Program

What is the Mentorship Program?

Starting a mentorship program is something that several boards in Uppsalaekonomerna have discussed over time. On the 16th of december 2020, the board made the final decision to finally make the idea a reality. After further work with the program’s content and its administration, we have the great pleasure of – for the first time ever – launching the Mentorship Program during the autumn semester 2021.

The mentorship program is a network that exists to give our members a chance for guidance during their studies and in the start of their careers. The network is led by two network leaders who administer and lead the program, and coordinate activities for the program’s mentors and students. The mentorship program mainly aims to create the following values:

  • Guidance and inspiration for students
  • Networking for both mentors and students

In addition to a valuable contact, you as a participant get the opportunity to participate in unique events, something we believe that both you as a mentor and adept will enjoy!

How do I become an adept?

  • You are a student at Uppsala University and a member of Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association.
  • You are able to be a part of the program for one year (two semesters)
  • You are able to meet up with yourmentor in Uppsala two times per semesters
  • You apply here

* Depending on Covid-19 and agreement with the mentor.

How do I become a mentor?

  • You graduated more than five years ago
  • You have a connection to Uppsala University or Uppsala as a city
  • You are able to participate in info / mingle evenings one time per semester
  • You are able to meet the student in Uppsala at least two timesper semester *
  • You are able to partake in the program for one year  (two semesters),mentoring for one or more students
  • You apply here

* Depending on Covid-19 and agreement with the adept.

How do I apply for the Mentorship Program?

During Application Period #3 (22nd – 29th March), we will open the application to become Network Leader for the Uppsalaekonomerna’s Mentorship Program. The application to become an adept / mentor opens later in the spring.