Uppsalaekonomerna Asset Management

Uppsalaekonomerna Asset Management is a project group under the board with the task of managing part of the Uppsalaekonomernas’ liquid funds. The management means that we actively manage a securities portfolio and three long-term funds. The purpose is to increase knowledge in equity analysis, securities trading and portfolio management, become more attractive to employers and eventually generate income for the association.

The group consists of two portfolio managers, five equity analysts and two risk analysts. The portfolio managers have the overall responsibility and make the final decision when buying or selling a share. The equity analysts produce in-depth stock analyzes and produce decision data for transactions, both the sale of existing holdings and the purchase of new holdings. The role of the risk analyst is to critically examine the proposals made by the equity analyst, both based on the individual investment’s advantages and disadvantages, but also the entire portfolio’s perspective.

The group meets on a weekly basis to discuss potential investments and review and evaluate the companies that have been analyzed. The analysis of companies is based on fundamental analysis. This means an evaluation of the company’s historical development and the current situation in order to try to forecast the future development. Furthermore, the company’s operations, management, competitors, prospects and more are mapped out. This is supplemented by a valuation of the share, which results in a benchmark and a final assessment.

Uppsalaekonomerna Asset Management applies for every semester new grants that have an interest in shares, wish to learn more and help the group develop further. Look out for the website after coming application periods and take the opportunity to meet us when we visit the Finance Committee meetings!