The Presidium

The presidium is the decision-making and executive body of the association when it comes to the operational activities. They are responsible for the everyday operations and handles issues regarding projects, events and other activities arranged by the association.

The group consists of the President, Vice President, Vice President Head of Corporate Relations and Vice President Head of Education. Their mission is to ensure that the visions and goals set up by the board are implemented in the daily activities. The presidium is also responsible for the external representation towards corporate partners, companies, partner associations and the university. Every week the presidium has official meetings where different possibilities and issues regarding the association’s activities are discussed. The presidium’s office is located at the top floor of Borgen – please feel free to grab a coffee and come in for a chat!

About us

The President is responsible for all the association’s activities and is also the chairman of the board. Externally, the president represents the association towards the university, companies, members and other external parties. Internally the president is responsible for coordinating and developing the association. The president is also the publisher of the association’s magazine, Reversen.

The Vice President is responsible for the association’s internal activities, especially the Committee Group and the Career Fair “Kontaktdagarna”. The Vice President is responsible for reviewing contracts and budgets, internal communication towards committees and project groups as well as holding meetings and work-shops in leadership and personal development.

The Vice President Head of Corporate Relations is responsible for all contact regarding corporate relations and is in charge of the Corporate Relations Group. The Head of Corporate Relations is also responsible for the pricing template, for negotiating the associations yearly contracts with our corporate partners and other relations with companies interested in cooperating with the association.

The Vice President Head of Education is responsible for the contact and relations with the university and other student unions. The position is also responsible for education evaluation, control and development. The Vice President Head of Education operates both strategically and operatively with improving and influencing the education and education quality. Part of the tasks involves having positions in different sections and boards at the university.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or come by Borgen!