The Sports Committee is responsible for the student union’s events that’s related to sports. We want our members to feel good both physically and mentally. Our activities is for all of our members and the purpose is to give you opportunities to become more active and meet a lot of new people.

The Sports Committee cares about your well-being and want to make your time at Uppsala University unforgettable. To make this happen, we arrange various kinds of activities that hopefully suits a variety of people. We have practices every week, which are free of charge for all of our members. The practices are perfect for all of you who want to stay active, without spending your student loan on a membership at a gym. It’s also a perfect opportunity to interact with other members from various semesters.

In addition to our practices, The Sports Committee also arranges various projects. Sports tournaments, races and sport trips for example. You can read about all of our projects further down below on this web page.

We believe that we’re offering our members an important side of the student lifestyle. All of our activities are arranged by our members and we hope to see you in one of our future project groups!

Committee meeting and practices

The Sports committee have committee meetings that takes place at Borgen. The purpose of these meetings is to make the committees work more visible for our members and the meetings are great occasions to bring input and thoughts about the committee’s work, which will help us become better. Every meeting has a theme related to sports, health or something else related to our committee.

All of our practices are free of charge. In a Facebook group called “Uppsalaekonomernas IF”, you’ll get all the information and updates you need concerning the practices. You also sign up to the practices in this group, so make sure that you join it: In this group you can see the scheduled practices, you can find the schedule down below as well.

NOTE, due to Covid-19 all practise is canceled until further notice. We sincerely hope to offer our members great sports activity as soon as possible again!

About us

The Sports Committee has, beyond their coaches and project groups, a president and a vice president with overall responsibility for the project and the committee. The tasks of the president and the vice president is to guide the project groups and make sure that they’re able to make the projects as great as possible. Furthermore, they work with communications within the student union, practice scheduling, project meetings and committee meetings. The work of the president and the vice president is quite similar, though the president has the main responsible for the project budgets and the committee budget and should also be a good mentor for the vice president.

If you have any questions about our committee, the projects or anything else related to our committee, please contact us through If you want to contact either the president or the vice president, you’ll find our contact details in the box of Contact us on the right side of this page.


  • The Surf trip
    The Surf trip project image

    Together with other students we go away to surf for a week with an instructor, this while doing other activities such as practicing yoga and playing beach volleyball. The trip is arranged in every autumn.


  • The University Feud
    The University Feud project image

    A large tournament where several student associations from across Sweden compete in football to see who’s best. The day ends with a 3-course dinner. The tournament is arranged in autumn every year.


  • The Ski Trip
    The Ski Trip project image

    Every year in January we host a trip to the European alpes where we go skiing, partying after ski and have fun for a week before returning to Uppsala and the next semester.


  • Bubble football tournament
    Bubble football tournament project image

    To run around in a big plastic ball protecting you while playing football might very well be what most people dream of. That is why we host this event, no further explanation needed.


  • The Lap of Economists
    The Lap of Economists project image

    Are you the fastest runner in your crew, need something to start working out for or just want to participate in an awesome event? Then, this is the lap for you. The previous laps has been Colour Run, apply for the project group and use your creativity to make the next edition even better!


  • The Paddle Tennis Tournament
    The Paddle Tennis Tournament project image

    Paddle tennis – different, fun and fresh! In the spring of 2017 the first edition of the Paddle Tennis Tournament was arranged. This spring, a new winning team will win the trophy!

  • UE Open
    UE Open project image

    Pro, single figure och a rookie? Doesn’t matter! On this golf tournament you’ll compete with each other on fair conditions on an enjoyable day at the course!


  • The FIFA-tournament
    The FIFA-tournament project image

    Join us on an relaxed evening at Borgen and show up your skills in a tournament in the glorious game of FIFA!