The Social Committee is responsible for Uppsalaekonomerna’s social activities and events, which aim to offer you a wonderful time in Uppsala along with your studies. With our great variety of events we want to gild your study time and give you lots of memories for the rest of your life!

The Social Committee is responsible for the social events and offers you as a member an exciting and fun leisure time. We are arranging many different types of events, everything from small events at Borgen to theme parties, day events and gasques, to balls. Our events are made to add an extra touch to your everyday life and gild your study time in the best possible way.

Whether you are interested in attending in our events or actually participating in organizing one, we at the Social Committee are sure that we can offer something for you!

Committee meetings

The Social Committee has meetings during the semesters to spread information regarding our work in the Social Committee and our upcoming events and projects, to include and engage the members and of course offer some coffee. A committee meeting is usually held in the KPMG arena at Borgen. The meetings can also end with a secret activity or with a mingle together with other committees.

About us

Beyond having project groups for our events, the Social Committee also has a President and a vice President with overall responsibility for the whole committee and all the projects. The President and vice President tasks include project leading and mediating the operations within the committee to members through start up meetings and check up meetings with the project groups and committee meetings for all members. Furthermore the President of the committee is responsible for the committee budget. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the committee, our projects or anything else. You can easily reach us at our common email address


  • Gräddgasquen
    Gräddgasquen project image

    Gräddgasquen is an event that we arrange for the elite of Sweden’s economic students. We invite students from Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University and Lund University to a fantastic evening!


  • Julfesten
    Julfesten project image

    Julfesten is an appreciation party arranged for all members who in some way were involved in the projects or committees Uppsalaekonomerna has during the autumn semester. The event is incredibly appreciated by our members as this is the perfect way to end a wonderful autumn semester together!


  • Recentiorgasque

    Recentiorgasquen or “Reccegasquen” is the event that ends the welcoming weeks of Uppsalaekonomerna. If you are new to Uppsala, this is the perfect first event that sets the bar for what is to come during your study time. During the evening, this year’s winner of the Reccepokal will also be announced. The Recentiorgasque occurs during both the autumn and spring semesters at the end of each semester’s welcoming weeks.


  • Valentines Party
    Valentines Party project image

    The month of February is filled with love with Valentine’s Day as the highlight. Celebrate this with us at our fantastic Valentines Party.


  • Vårbalen
    Vårbalen project image

    In the month of May, Uppsalaekonomernas Vårbal is organized – a very appreciated and popular event at Uppsala Castle! The dress code is evening dress and you get an excellent chance to show off your most handsome side. The evening consists of fantastic food, first-class entertainment and a waltz that ends the evening in the best way possible.


  • Vårfesten
    Vårfesten project image

    Vårfesten is an appreciation party for all members who have in some way been involved in the Uppsala Economists’ project or committee during the spring semester. The event is incredibly appreciated by our members as this is the perfect way to end a wonderful spring semester together!


  • Examensgasquen

    Examensgasquen is an exciting final event for bachelor- and master students who have their degree in front of them shortly. More info and dates about this event are coming soon.


  • Brännbollsturneringen

    Brännbollsturneringen is a new event organized together with the Sports Committee. The tournament will be held in May and welcomes all university students in Uppsala for a fantastic day with games and joy. You do not want to miss this! More information is coming soon.


  • Jubileumsbalen

    Every ten years, Uppsalaekonomerna arranges an anniversary celebration where former presidium, board members and other committed members are invited to a high-quality celebration. The evening consists of fantastic food, first-class entertainment and will be a night you will soon forget!