The Finance Committee is for everyone interested in, or curious about finance. The committee is in charge of all finance related projects in Uppsalaekonomerna. These projects include lectures, company visits and different workshops about subjects such as investment banking, funding or how to write a good resume.

Involvement in the Finance Committee will hence be an excellent way to gain deeper knowledge about possible future work within the financial sector. We are continuously striving for all of our activities to be of great value and relevance regardless of what semester you are on, or to what extent you are engaged in our committee. If you are even remotely interested in what is going on in the financial world, we want to give you all the tools necessary to gain further knowledge and open possibilities for future work within the finance sector.

Finance Committee Meetings

The Finance Committee has meetings every semester and will now be held digitally during the spring (check our Facebook for exact dates). For every meeting we have a new theme and a new guest. You don’t need to sign up to participate, just show up. Our meetings are an excellent way to get in touch with us for the first time. No knowledge about finance is required to attend our meetings. We’re hoping to see you there!

About us

Beyond having project groups for our events, the Finance Committee also has a President and a vice President with overall responsibility for the whole committee and all the projects. The President and vice President tasks include project leading and mediating the operations within the committee to members through start up meetings and check up meetings with the project groups and committee meetings for all members. Furthermore the President of the committee is responsible for the committee budget. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our committee. The simplest ways to reach us is via email at or via our phone numbers.

Uppsalaekonomerna Asset Management

Uppsalaekonomerna Asset Management (UEAM) is a part of the Finance Committee tasked to manage a portion of the liquid assets of Uppsalaekonomerna. UEAM manages one portfolio containing stocks and three portfolios containing funds. The purpose of this is to enhance the knowledge of equity research, risk management and portfolio management. It is also to become more attractive with future employees and in the long run generate income to Uppsalaekonomerna.

The group is composed by two portfolio managers, five equity researchers and one risk analyst. The portfolio managers have the main responsibility as well as the final say regarding investing decisions. The equity researchers are tasked to analyze companies, both currently owned but also new investing opportunities. The risk analyst main task is to produce statistical support that will indicate the risk level of both individual investment opportunities and the portfolio.

The group meets on a weekly basis to discuss potential investments, present the written analyses and evaluate the portfolios. The investment analyses are primarily based on fundamental analysis. This means that emphasis is put on the historical development of the company and the situation today to estimate how the future will unravel. Furthermore, the company’s operation, management, competitors, outlook etc. is analyzed. This is supplemented by a valuation of the price of the stock which results in a target price and thus a final decision.

Uppsalaekonomerna Asset Management is looking for new candidates every semester. We are primarily looking for students with an interest for the financial markets, who are looking to learn more about valuation and lastly are willing to work to achieve the aforementioned goals of the group. Keep an eye on the webpage for upcoming application periods and make sure to meet us when we visit the finance committee’s meetings.



  • Day at the Office

    During a day in Stockholm a group of students get to visit several finance related enterprises. A group of students gets unique insight into how different financial companies differ from one another, and an opportunity to broaden their network. Earlier company visits include among others; CITIgroup, Royal Bank of Scotland, Söderberg & Partners and PwC. The visit is usually set in early May.


  • Women's Career Day

    Geared exclusively towards women, who gets to visit different finance related enterprises in Stockholm during a day. The group gets to know the businesses on an intimate level and opportunities to network. Earlier company visits include among others; Carnegie, Investor, Brummer & Partners and EQT. The visit is usually set in early December.


  • London Banking Week

    A group of students visit banks and other finance related companies during an entire week in London. The trip targets students who are interested in having an international career within the financial sector. Earlier trips include among others visits at Goldman Sachs, Credite Suisse, Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas. The trip is usually set in early October.


  • The Alumni Dinner

    Participants gets to meet interesting and sucessful alumni in a social and relaxed form over a dinner at a nation. During the evening alumni gives information on how they succeeded with their careers. You also get the opportunity to ask a lot of questions. The dinner is usually set toward the end of the semester.


  • Equal March

    In collaboration with the Business Committee, this event is arranged on International Women’s Day on March 8th with the purpose to call to action for accelerating gender parity. The day will include guest lectures and workshops with inspiring people who also strive towards a more equal society.
    During Equal March spring term 2020 we were visited by representatives from Grant Thornton, Karin Schreil, CEO of the IT company Evry and Mia Ingelström.


  • Aktietävlingen

    With its debut VT20, the finance committee introduced a new annual stock competition for the union’s members. The competition is aimed at both those who are experienced in stock trading and those who have never traded in shares before. The project’s ambition is to provide lessons about stock trading while the members have a chance to win great prizes.


  • StatEcon

    StatEcon is a corporate event mainly for those who study statistics or economics, but also for those who are interested in these two subjects. During the event, 20 students will be able to visit and get to know the organizations and make contact with their representatives.


  • Brudar & Börs

    In the autumn of 2020, a new project was launched – Brudar & Börs. The event is for you who identify yourself as a woman and want to learn about investments at a basic level. Do you want to start investing but do not really know how to get started? Are you curious about the best way to start saving and how to take the first step into the stock market? Welcome to Brudar & Börs!