Election Committee

Many of us have been to a job interview at least once. But few people have been sitting on the other side of the table, interviewing candidates to different jobs and trustee positions. This, among other things, is what the Election Committee does.

The Election Committee’s responsibility is to interview everyone who seeks to become a trustee within Uppsala Business and Economics Student Union. As a part of the Election Committee you will be the one asking questions to candidates, and evaluating their responses.

Apart from interviewing, it is also the Committee’s responsibility to nominate suitable candidates for the trustee positions to Uppsala Business and Economics Student Union’s general meeting. It is the Election Committee, and only the Election Committee, that has the power to do this. The Committee is also responsible for organizing and coordinating the Association’s general meeting, which is held semi-annually. During these meetings the members of the Association votes for who will become new trustees.

The Election Committee’s representatives receive a great insight in to what interviewers are looking in candidates. As we interview everyone from President Candidates to IT-manager, we learn what characteristics interviewers are looking for depending on what position. Along with the previous named responsibilities, as the Election Committee interviews every candidate we have the important job of maintaining the high standards for the next generation of trustee’s.