The Business Committee is the link between our members and our soon to be employers. The committee’s job is to connect students with companies and organizations. Why? The purpose is employer branding, inspiration, motivation, contacts and a ”real world” connection outside of our studies. Therefore, the Business Committee arranges about 20 events annually in various proportions such as case competitions, workshops, company visits, company presentations and lectures.

Are you interested in developing good connections in our business society during your university years? Do you see yourself as a leader and like to take great responsibilities? Welcome to the Business Committee, we can give you the opportunity to work with some of the worlds largest corporations while you are still in school, how about that?

Does that sound like something for you? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

About us

The Business Committee consists of, besides our project groups, a president and a vice president. We have the overall responsibility for the committee and its different projects. Our key tasks is to guide project groups and mediate our business through various types of meetings and events. We function as a bridge between students and companies, to make your time here in Uppsala as valuable as it can be.

If you have any questions about us, the committee or our projects – get in touch! We are gladly to answer any questions you might have. The best way to reach us is via email:, or give us a call!

Committee Meetings

The Business Committee meetings take place every third Monday between 16:15-17 starting in August. Each meeting has a new theme or a guest. It can be anything from how to build a resume, how to deal with stress or Guesstimates to different guest lectures. This fall we had Torsten Örtengren here who told us all about what it is like to educate and sit in different kinds of company boards – a very interesting meeting! These meetings are an amazing opportunity to get more experience for your upcoming career. Now during the ongoing pandemic the meetings are online and irregular dates. Check Uppsalaekonomernas Facebook for upcoming meetings! Welcome!


  • Lunch lectures

    We arrange lunch lectures that are the perfect opportunity for you as a student to learn things outside of the normal lectures. Is there a special field that you want to know more about? An internship you wish to apply for? Or maybe you just need a break from your studies? The Business Committee arranges several lunch lectures each year, both with smaller companies and bigger corporations.
    Keep a lookout for the next lecture; we doubt you can spend your lunch hour in a better way.

    Do you want to know more about lunch lectures?

  • Company visits

    Company visits are arranged by the Business Committee in several different shapes and are always very appreciated. A company visit could for example involve a few students visiting a company and have a CV-workshop, practice case solving or maybe enhancing your presentation skills. Except for this, it is of course also the perfect opportunity for you to get a glimpse of what is waiting for you after your studies. And who knows – maybe you will meet your future colleague or maybe even your boss?


  • UE Regatta

    The UE Regatta is one of the associations biggest projects. During this day some students will get the chance to spend the day on board a couple of sailing boats with some carefully chosen companies. The intense day is finished of with a dinner were you get even more time to talk to the representatives. The Regatta takes place in the end of the spring. Pay attention; you do not want to miss this!


  • EY Strike Your Future

    EY Strike your future is an all through relaxed and social event that is arranged together with EY. During this busy night you will have plenty of time to talk to the EY representatives, at the same time as you compete on the bowling alley. The night is of course finished off with dinner at one of the nations.


  • KPMG Innovation & Collaboration Challenge

    One of the associations main partners, KPMG, arranges the yearly KPMG Innovation & Collaboration Challenge, also known as KICC. The competition is well-known worldwide as the world’s largest case competitions, where Sweden came out on top after the final in Dubai a couple of years ago. This year the competition will be held in Buenos Aires. We arrange one of the local events every fall semester. It is a full day case competition with judges with both high academics and impressing professional resumes deciding who wins.


  • Corporate Career Day

    At this event, the association brings a bunch of students approaching graduation to Stockholm to visit some of Sweden’s eminent corporations.
    Apply to Corporate Career Day to get the possibility to get to know these companies better, learn how to get that attractive internship or trainee program on the way to your dream job. Last year we visited companies such as FCG and Nordic Choice, which are two companies with a lot of possibilities for economic students. Make sure you don’t miss this year’s edition of the event – who knows which companies we will visit this year..


  • Equal March

    In collaboration with the Finance Committee, this event is arranged on International Women’s Day on March 8th with the purpose to call to action for accelerating gender parity. The day will include guest lectures and workshops with inspiring people who also strive towards a more equal society. During Equal March spring term 2020 we were visited by representatives from Grant Thornton, Karin Schreil, CEO of the IT company Evry and Mia Ingelström.


  • EY Amazing Case

    EY Amazing Case is a case event including a dinner. The event includes an afternoon with case solving at EY’s office in Uppsala, and we finish off the day with a dinner at a nation. This is a great project if you’re into case solving and wants to show off your skills to EY..


  • Why PwC?

    Why PwC? Get to know PwC, its different departments and representatives during an inspiring night at PwC! Lecture, panel debate and socializing followed by a dinner at their office in Stockholm.


  • KPMG Let the Games Begin

    A night in the spirit of games! Take the chance and compete against company representatives during a less formal event. Pool, shuffleboard and darts mixed with socializing followed by a dinner at Interpool in Uppsala. Let the games begin!


  • PwC Risk

    A new event where you are in a relaxed and fun environment gets the opportunity to meet representatives from PwC.


  • ABCD Deloitte

    ABCD is short for Audit & Assurance, Business Process Solutions, Case and Deloitte and is an event together with one of our main partners Deloitte.

    During a full day in Uppsala, students are given the oppurtunity to meet representatives from different departments of Deloitte. Then they will be given different cases to get a feel of how it is to work at Deloitte. After this, the day will end with a dinner together with the representatives of Deloitte – a perfect oppurtunity to expand your network and get to know more about the company.


  • Discover EY

    This project invites a number of students to visit EY in Stockholm in a casual environment. During the evening you will get insight in how a day can look like working at EY. You will also learn the basics in case-solving as well as get tips of how to perform at your best on an interview. You do not want to miss this!