Uppsala Swedish champions in Economics

Congratulations to Joakim Berglund, Yaroslav Yakymovych and John Tunell who just won the Swedish nationals in Economics. After 10 years the title is back where it belongs. 

“It felt really good to win” Yaroslav Yakymovych tells us after the great victory. “It was a very even final and the game was on until the very last question. We got to stand before a large audience and the points were awarded in real time. It was really exciting but nervoyus to be there, especially when we and the second placed Linköping took turns in being number 1. However, we had a skilled team with various special areas and always did our best in every part of the compeittion. We are very glad for this award, especially since Uppsala hasn’t won in 10 years.”

The Swedish Nationals in Economics is a competition and a conference by the organisation S.E.R.O which is held at different universities and schools throughout Sweden. Every student in Business and Economics is welcome to participate.

Since the start of the competition in 1987 students from Uppsala have won a total of five times.