Uppsala Presentation Academy

Would you like to to convey a message like Martin Luther King, or simply become a skillful speaker? – This is an amazing opportunity! Do not miss during a two-day event to develop your skills in presentation technique!

Now it’s finally time for the 2015 presentation academy where the speaker of speakers is appointed! Do not miss out ou on the two-day event where your presentation techniques will be tested, in proud partnership with EY. During these days you will learn the basics of presentation techniques and how to master storytelling and rhetoric. The first day you are offered two lectures and workshops. You can then put your skills to the test before representatives from EY and develop with this personal feedback on your performance. Last day ends with a pleasant sitting at Stockholm Nation with EY.

The event takes place on 20-21 May. Registration is required no later than 23:59, Friday, May 15 For YOU to become one of the elect, sign up to: upa@uppsalaekonomerna.com, Enter your “First name” in the subject line.

We look forward to your application!

During day one, May 20, a luncheon lecture will be held in presentation technique! Uppsala Business & Economics Student Association invite along with EY invited to a lunch lecture on the basics of presentation techniques. Take the chance to develop your rhetorical skills and learn how to capture an audience. EY will offer sandwiches and drinks. Since we have a limited number of spots, first come first served!
Time: 12: 00-13: 00 May 20 NOTE! Make sure to be on time when the lecture begins.
Location: H1

During day two on May 21, the communications expert Michael Riise will lecture on presentation techniques and presents the tools necessary to succeed.
Time: 12: 00-13: 00 May 21
Location: H1