UE Innovation

UE Innovation is a set amount of funds available for all Uppsalaekonomerna’s members to apply for in order to fund their own projects or ideas. The purpose of UE Innovation is to promote innovation and provide students who maybe are not active members within the student union to realize their ideas.


Application for funds from UE Innovation is done via e-mail to Uppsalaekonomernas president (ordf@uppsalaekonomerna.com). In order to be able to apply for funds from UE Innovation you have to be a member of Uppsalaekonomerna, be a student at Uppsala university and in the application you can not represent another organisation.

An application should contain:

  • Names of all the project members
  • Description of the project (circa 600 words)
  • Initial schedule
  • Display of costs (if possible)
  • Desired amount from the fund
  • Motivation for the desired amount
  • Other relevant information

All who have sent in a complete application will be invited to present their idea at a board meeting.


In order to be able to receive funds from UE Innovation the project must fulfill certain criteria:

  • The project must be in line with Uppsalaekonomerna’s core values
  • The project must be targeted at students at Uppsala university
  • The purpose of the project shall not be to make a profit
  • The project must have a set begining and end


A decision about payment from UE innovation is made by the board and is based upon a complete assessment of the description of the project and the motivation, the presentation from the project group, the applicants as well as the applicants ability to carry through the project. This in order to make sure that the project lives up to the above set criteria.

Decision about the size of the payment is based upon the desired amount, potential displays of costs as well as the amount remaining in the fund.


Following a decision about payment from UE Innovation the applicants must sign an agreement specifying the amount as well as the reason for payment.

At the latest two weeks after the conclusion of the project the project group shall provide the board with a written evaluation of the project (circa 300 words) and the project group should participate during a board meeting to present the result of the project.