Apply to Kontaktdagarna’s projekt group

Were you inspired during the career fair, Kontaktdagarna, this January? Would you like to put your energy into a fun and rewarding project? Which also happen to be Uppsala Business and Economic student associations largest project! The application period is now open – and your time to participate and take part in organizing Sweden’s largest career fair for business economics, system science and media students, launched in November 2018.

Besides the obvious qualification to put on your resume, you get the possibility of getting to know several new people through working closely for several months and sharing great experiences together.

We are looking for you who is ready for a fun challenge, to develop your team working skills and make Kontaktdagarna 2018 better than ever! We require no prior knowledge of working within a project but characteristics such as structured and determent to do your best in the project are highly valued.

Apply here

To read more about the different roles within every group click here!

We are looking for members for the following groups:

         Management team

         Corporate group

         Event group

         Logistics group

         Marketing group

What happens after you’ve applied?

After making your best decision so far to send in your application we will send you an invitation for an interview. After the interview we will get back to you with an answer to your application.

The application is closed the 25th of February.

If you have any further questions, please email us;

Agnes Burell – Projektledare@kontaktdagarna.seDavid Jansson –