Swedish Championship in Economics

Do you want to be able to call yourself the Swedish champion in  economics? Uppsala Business & Economics Student Association race to represent Uppsala University during the national finals where your team has a chance to share the prize pot of 65 000 SEK!

The Swedish Championship in Economics is a team event, divided into three stages; group stage, semifinals and finals. Race in Uppsala is held on March 13 and consists of a written test which you enter in groups of three. The group that gets the best results will participate in the national contest, which this year is held at Södertörn University May 7 to 10. The final weekend, in addition to the competition rounds, offer lectures, gasque, mingle with students from all over Sweden and lots of opportunities to network!

To participate you must not have taken more than 210 credits at the race date. You must be a member of Uppsala Business & Economics Student Association or Uppsala Student Union, and be registered for full-time studies. You should be a group of three students one of whom is appointed team leader.

Take the chance to become Swedish champion in economics, sign up to: smiekonomi@uppsalaekonomerna.com

In this email, all the group participants give their: name, social security number, telephone number, email address and address. If it is not a complete group we will try wherever possible to piece together the teams.
When? Friday 13th March at 09:00 evil

Where? Ekonomikum

What? Written test printed in groups of three

Participants are invited during the competition to lunch!