Summer School Scholarship

Many schools in Europe and in the rest of the world offers courses during the summertime but usually for a fee. Taking the opportunity to study at a foreign school is a great idea if you for instance do not have a summer job, or if you would like to take courses that are simply not available in Uppsala. The courses can usually be credited and you can also get great memories and learn a lot!

Uppsalaekonomerna gives out a Summer School Scholarship each year since 2014 to a student in order to make it possible for that student to go study at a foreign university during the summer. You choose yourself what and where you want to study but it should be a prominent and highly ranked university.  Previous receivers of the scholarship have went to Berkely in California and London School of Economis in London.

The application for the scholarship open during the spring and instructions on how to apply will be available on social media and at Uppsalaekonomerna’s website. The scholarship is then formally presented during the spring ball in May.

The amount is always decided by the board beforehand and is 25 000 SEK for 2018.

If you have any questions regarding anything do not hesitate to contact

Requirements for the applicant
The applicant should at the time of application be:

  • A full member of Uppsalaekonomerna
  • Registered for courses amounting to at least 30 HP with the intention of pursuing a bachelor degree in business or economics related subject at Uppsala university
  • Having studied at least 30 HP in a business and economic related subject at Uppsala university at the point of application and at least 45 HP in business and economics related subjects at Uppsala university at the point of departure.

A business or economics related subject include courses in business, economics, statistics, economic history or human geography with a economic orientation.

The application should contain:

  • Application to a foreign university including chosen courses or letter of acceptance
  • Letter of motivation with a list of nonprofit student engagements
  • A calculation for expenses for travel, housing and courses
  • Certificate of current studies
  • Certificate of completed studies

The decision about who receives the scholarship is made by Uppsalaekonomerna’s board after consultation with the consultative group for the bachelor programme in business and economics.

For more information about the scholarship – contact

The deadline for the application is set each spring by the board of Uppsalaekonomerna.