Study monitoring

Uppsala Business & Economics Student Association work with education can be divided in three main areas: cases from students, study monitoring and influencing.

Cases from students are when students need help with different matters. We help students with all cases regarding their studies, from CSN to grades and harassment. Do you have a question or need help with something? Please contact our Education Committee at – we can help you with almost everything or help you find a person who can.

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Study monitoring is where we actively work with improving the education for students within business, economics and statistics. Within Uppsala Business & Economics Student Association the Education Committee and the Head of Education are responsible for the study monitoring. The Education Committee work with study monitoring on department level while the Head of Education works at faculty-, domain- and central level. The Strategic Educational Council works to strategically develop and improve the study monitoring.

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Influencing is done with the help of student representatives. Uppsala Business & Economics Student Association has student representatives on Department Boards, the Faculty Board and different work groups and committees at the University. Uppsala Business & Economics Students Association is also a part of UUFS together with the other student unions at Uppsala university to pursue common student issues.

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