Education FAQ


I am feeling stressed out about my studies and I have anxiety for my exam – is there someone I can talk to?
The student health service helps students who experience anxiety, stress, have trouble sleeping and other study related issues. They employ psychologists, doctors and nurses who all work to help students. You can find more information here and you can call to book an appointment at 018 471 69 10.

Administration and information

I am going to apply to a course for next semester but I can not find a course plan, where can I find one?
A course plan should be available prior to the last day for application. Contact the study counsellors at the department if you can not find it.

The course starts in three weeks and there is no schedule available – when should I be able to access it?
A schedule with the compulsory moments, examinations, retakes and a required litterature should be available to the students five weeks prior to the course start. A final schedule should be available at least one week prior to the first day.

The teacher will not hand out any old examins, what can I do to access them?
Old exams, questions and answers are public documents according to the Swedish press act and all Swedish citizens can demand to have such documents handed out.

I have e-mailed my teacher several times without receiving a response, what can I do?
According to Swedish law all authority personnel (which includes university teachers) have to answer questions from individuals as soon as possible. Point this out to your teacher and if you still do not receive a response, visit their office or contact your student union for assistance.

Special assistance

I have dyslexia, where can I receive assistance?
Students who need special assistance can turn to the central coordinator to receive help. Contact for more information. Prior to contacting the coordinators, be sure to have a medical certificate. You can read more about the universities support functions here.


I can not find the criteria for the exam, how am I supposed to know what the teacher’s assessment is going to be based on?
The criteria for the examination are to be clear and available to all the students. In addition, the criteria for a retake should be exactly the same as they were for the original exam.

My retake is on the same day as the exam in the course I read now which makes it difficult to study for both of them, is this okay?
A retake during a semester on different courses or parts of courses should not be held on the same dates as compulsory parts of other courses within the semester.

The teacher says my exam has gone missing and that I now have to wait for the next retake for a chance to pass the course, what can I do?
If your exam has disappered due to an error by the university you can demand to be able to write a new exam immediatly.

I have taken three exams in a row without passing and now the teacher says I can not retake the exam again, what can I do?
According to university guidelines the right to participate in an examination in order to pass a course can only be withdrawn by a decision by the vice-chancellor, and even then it can only be limited to a maximum of five attempts.

Can the teacher refuse to motivate why I received a certain grade?
University guideslines stipulate that after each graded part of a course you as a student have a right to receive an explanation and motivation from the teacher for the grade you received.

I think I have received the wrong grade on my exam, can I appeal the grade?
Grades are not subject to appeal. However, accordning to university guidelines, an examiner must reassess a grading decision if it is clearly incorrect in light of new circumstances or for some other reason (if the points have been added together incorrectly for instance).


I have been placed on a reserve list to my minor that I applied to within the bachelor programme, do I not have priority when applying within the programme?
If you apply to a minor you do not have priority or a guarantee to be accepted. This is because at the A-level the university can only give a third of the spots to “alternative selections” (which includes applicants from other programs) and the rest of the applicants must by law be assessed based on grades from high school or the SweSAT.


I am a PhD student, can I contact you for help?
All matters that concern PhD students are handled by the Doctoral Board or by the student- and PhD students ombudsmen who are financed by all the student unions together. You can read more about the Doctoral Board here.

I have a lecture or exam at a place that I have never been to – how do I find my way there?
The university has a map service where you can find all university property. You can find the map service here!

I have a question that is not answered here, what can I do?
You can fill out this form or you can contact with your question.