Student rights

As a student at Uppsala university you have many different rights. You have the right to a good work and study environment and you can demand that there has to be pauses during your lecutres for instance. Uppsalaekonomerna also has a right by law as a student union to participate in all boards and committees at the univeristy that can make decisions that impact our students. However, it is not always easy knowing what rights you as a student have and to help with that, we summarize some common misconceptions among students about your rights.

If you want to read about all of your student rights you can find those here. If you have any questions or if you believe one of your rights has not been upheld you can contact

Four common misconceptions

Its been three weeks since my exam – now I can demand to have graded version

The answer to this question is that it depends. The university guidelines stipulate that students have a right to have all different kinds of examations marked and graded within 25 calender days (not weekdays). However, you must recieve a graded exam back at least 14 calender days before the retake and therefore you can sometimes demand the exam back earlier than 25 days.

It is not okay that my exam finishes at 19.00

All compulsory teaching and seminars at Uppsala university must take place between 8.00 and 17.00 on weekdays. However, there is an exception for exams which can finish at 19.00 at the latest.

I can not switch examiner for my paper

Students who have twice taken an examination (such as handing in a thesis paper) for a course or a part of a course without obtaining a passing grade have the right to a new examiner. If a new examiner cannot be provided for some reason, the student can demand a different mode of examination.

I did not get the grade I deserved on my exam – I am going to appeal it

According to university guidelines, grades are not subject to apeal on the basis of you not being content with your result. However, it is possible to appeal if there has been an error while correcting the exam (points have not been added together correctly for instance) or if a new circumstance shows the grade to be clearly incorrect.