Recceveckorna becomes a IQ-project!

Recceveckorna becomes IQ-project number 1274!

On the 26th of April, IQ presented Uppsalaekonomerna with a diploma to recognise that the unions welcoming weeks, Recceveckorna, has become an IQ-project. The aim of the activities during Recceveckorna is to welcome new students to Uppsala, to create a sense of community and safety and to mitigate the strong alcohol culture that characterises student life.

Recceveckorna are traditional welcoming weeks at Uppsala University arranged by Uppsalaekonomerna each semester. Since 2014 the union actively works to reduce alcohol consumption among the students as well as the strong alcohol culture within all student life. All activities during the day are alcohol-free and during the night time activities there are always sober people in charge of the events present.

– It’s great that our efforts during Recceveckorna are being recognised and that the project now becomes an IQ-project. I hope we can inspire other universities around Sweden to offer new students a reception where alcohol isn’t the focus, says Miriam Tate, Vice President at Uppsalaekonomerna.

About IQ and IQ-project
IQ is an independent subsidiary of Systembolaget AB. IQ’s overarching mission is to contribute towards giving the Swedish people a smarter approach to alcohol, which in turn should lead to a reduction of alcohol’s harmful effects. An IQ-project is a great example of an activity that prevents or limits the harmful effects of alcohol. The purpose of IQ-projects is to spread these good examples and show that everyone can do more. Uppsalaekonomerna’s Recceveckorna becomes IQ-project number 1274.

– The alcohol culture is often strong among students, which is why Uppsalaekonomerna’s efforts during Recceveckorna is a great way to work in a preventive manner. It was a no brainer for us at IQ to make Recceveckorna an IQ-project, says Karin Wallby Nici, project manager at IQ.

Read more about IQ-project number 1274 here (the link is in Swedish).