Every year Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association organises several supplementary courses, 20 parties, 35 “gasques”, activities together with more than 100 companies and much more. We have a fashion show, a regatta, four sports tournaments, seven sport practices a week, and we offer our members 27 chances to travel abroad. Almost all of these activities are arranged by project groups formed out of our 350 active members. Of course we want you to be one of those, so that the association can keep developing with the help of your personal ideas, perspectives and knowledges.

What can I apply for?

Apply HERE!

Jubilee Ball: Uppsalaekonomerna 50 years!

2 project leaders / 1,5 terms (october 2021)

Uppsalaekonomerna are turning 50 in October 2021 – something that requires a big celebration! Do you want to be involved in the planning? Uppsalaekonomernas Jubilee Ball takes place every 10 years at Uppsala Castle. We are looking for two driven, meticulous and creative project managers who like planning, organization and challenges. The project includes everything from budget, local / national contact, catering, arranging entertainment and decoration etc.

The project leaders will also appoint the rest of the project group later during the term.

Kontaktdagarna: sök projektgruppen!

20 project members / 2 terms

Kontaktdagarna is recruiting!

Uppsalaekonomernas biggest project, and Swedens biggest career fair for students studying economics, media and communications or systems science at Uppsala University.

Do you want to be a part of a fun, exciting project that gives you a lot of experience and makes your curriculum stand out?

For more informations about the roles and project please contact us at:
Filip Weinestål – Projektledare med budgetansvar
Joar Berglund – Projektledare med företagsansvar

Visit the Facebook-event here:

Apply here:

UE Regatta

1 project leader, 3 projectmembers / 15 weeks

We are now finally looking for a project group to organize this year’s edition of the UE Regatta, one of our largest projects. The UE Regatta is a full-day event where students get a chance to take part in a thrilling sailing competition between some carefully selected companies in Stockholm’s sunny archipelago. The day then ends with a dinner/after-sail. As a project group, you will be responsible for planning the entire event and you will also be able to participate at the dinner and meet company representatives. This is a unique opportunity for you who want to make valuable contacts with companies, gain meritorious experience and above all organize a really cool and fun project! The regatta takes place at the end of spring and is one of the semester’s most appreciated projects. You need no prior knowledge or previous involvement in Uppsalaekonomerna to apply!

Aktietävlingen / Stock Competition

2 project members / 8 weeks

Are you passionate about stocks and savings? Do you want to start up and run a project where members get to test their knowledge about the stock market? We are now looking for two driven and creative project managers for our project “Aktietävlingen”. A project aimed at predicting the development of equities in the market. Does this sound interesting? Apply today to run a exciting project within Uppsalaekonomerna.

Writer for Reversen with focus on content for the international students

2 posts / 1 term

Reversen is now looking for a writer who is interested in contributing to the magazine with content in english with the goal of making Reversen available to all students of Uppsala University. We are searching for someone who loves to write, has a lot of ideas that they want to share with our fellow members and most importantly want to be a part of our great companionship at Uppsalaekonomerna. You will have the responsibilities of writing articles frequently, assisting in the digital progress. You will also get the opportunity to meet and interview successful and interesting people from the economic sphere.

Being an editor for Reversen means that you are going to be engaged in Reversen for a whole semester and regularly be the editor’s second hand. Besides all this you get to be a part of all the fun of being a part of the Reversen team.

Writer for Reversen

4 posts / 1 term

Do you like to write? Do you find it interesting to express opinions, information or news through text? Do you want to work in the media industry in the future?

We at the editorial staff of Reversen are now looking for more writers who want to contribute with new ideas and perspectives to develop Uppsalaekonomerna’s own magazine! As a writer for Reversen, you have a lot of freedom and opportunities to write about exactly what you want to write about – maybe a short reportage, an investigation or a debate article? Take the opportunity to try what it feels like to be a part of a real magazine!

As a writer for Reversen, you not only get great experience, you also get a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, develop your writing skills and at the same time have a lot of fun.

No previous knowledge or commitment in Uppsalaekonomerna is required to apply – so we at the editorial staff of Reversen hope that YOU want to be a part of Reversen and contribute to Uppsalaekonomerna’s amazing magazine.

Project managers for UE-poddar

2 posts / 1 term

We at the editorial staff of Reversen are now looking for two more project managers for Uppsalaekonomerna’s own podcast – UE poddar! Has your dream always been to lead your own podcast? Do you have lots of exciting and fun ideas that you want to share with our members and economics students? Then you have found the right place.

As the project manager, you, together with our two sitting project managers, are responsible for the entire podcast and the producing episodes. The role as project manager includes many opportunities and a lot of freedom to put your own stamp on the podcast. Deciding the theme for each episode, inviting guests and making sure that the content goes from raw material to produced episodes is also under your responsibility. It is a great advantage if you have previous knowledge or experience in editing sound as well as podcast. However, this is not a requirement – the most important thing is that you are ambitious and ready to develop UE poddar together with us!

As with all engagements in Reversen/Uppsalaekonomerna, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, develop, receive new knowledge and have fun at the same time.

The possibilities are many and the development potential is great for our podcast – we are really looking forward to your application!

Art Director: Reversen

1 post / 1 term

Are you talented in Photoshop? Do you like creating graphic material and visual content? Is this something you want to work with in the future?

Gain meritorious experience by applying for the position as Reversen’s own art director! As our art director, your main task is to create and be responsible for all graphic material that is published on Reversen’s website, Facebook page and Facebook group. For example, creating banners for the website, pictures for articles and covers for our podcast.

Except the experience you gain as our art director, you get the opportunity to develop within Uppsalaekonomerna, to be a part of our project group and have a lot of fun.

No previous knowledge or commitment in Uppsalaekonomerna is required to apply – so we at the editorial staff of Reversen are really looking forward to your application!

Spontaneous application

You can also always register your interest of getting involved within the association by sending in a spontaneous application by clicking here. A notice of your interest means that you are in our register if a committee needs a project member to some of our projects that aren’t a part of an application period.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please send an email to


Who can apply?

Everyone! We’ve got projects that doesn’t require any previous experiences – as well as projects, or roles within projects, that’ll be interestingly challenging for those of you who have done things before. Similarly we’ve got projects that only takes a month as well as those running over an entire year. Thus, there are projects perfect for you, regardless of the amount of time you want to spend or what type of project you want to organise.


How does it work?

During the spring semester we’ll open up a number of “Application periods” where you can apply to our projects. In most cases you apply by filling in a short web form. We recommend doing this as thoroughly as possible. How the process goes on from there depends on what project and the committee you are applying to, but be prepared for an interview with the committee presidents. You will, however, get notified within a couple of days. If you succeed, you and your project group will have a start up meeting and some training – then it’s go time!

How do I find out more?

Talk to any Elected member and they will tell you more! Or send an email, attend a committee meeting or swing by Borgen, our association house, to eat your lunch. If can be fun to talk to active project groups to know more about how it is to do projects within the association in general – but when it comes to details about a specific project it is best to talk directly to the committee presidents. You find their contact details through the Activity tags below.

We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you the best of luck with your application!