Every year Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association organises several supplementary courses, 20 parties, 35 “gasques”, activities together with more than 100 companies and much more. We have a fashion show, a regatta, four sports tournaments, seven sport practices a week, and we offer our members 27 chances to travel abroad. Almost all of these activities are arranged by project groups formed out of our 350 active members. Of course we want you to be one of those, so that the association can keep developing with the help of your personal ideas, perspectives and knowledges.

What can i apply for?

UE open

Once more, the sports committee proudly present Uppsalaekonomernas very own golf tournament; UE-Open! During one fall day, 16 teams will fight for the title of Uppsalaekonomernas best golf player! The day will be ended with a fantastic dinner at borgen with an honourful prize ceremony Are you a goal oriented event planner with an interest for golf – apply for the project group of UE-Open!

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This spring, Swedens biggest indoor football tournament for universities will take place. Teams from all around the country will gather in Uppsala at Fyrishov for a full day of indoor fotball, new acquaintances, team spirit, cooperation and ofcourse a fantastic gasque! The sports committee is now looking for a project group who wants to make one of the biggest projects of Uppsalaekonomerna into something special! If you find yourself dedicated, organized and cooperative – this is the project for you. It is also the perfect way to make your time at Uppsala University into something special! Apply for the Universitetsfejden VT20, you won’t regret it!

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StatEcon HT19

This fall, the fourth edition of StatEcon will take place and we are looking for a project manager and a project member with an interest in statistics. As a project duo, you will plan a day of business visits in Stockholm in October 23th for statistics and economics students. The Corporate Relations Group will be your helping hand regarding company contact but we are now looking for two creative and driving project members who can discuss on the potential outcomes of the project and work out the best result. Does this sound like something for you? Please do not hesitate to submit your application!

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UE:s Stock trading competition

This fall, the first edition of the Uppsalaekonomernas Stock Competition will be launched and we are now looking for a project manager and a project member with an interest in shares that are eager to launch this exciting project. As a project duo, you will be responsible for organizing a stock competition for our members, which primarily includes follow-up of results and marketing. The competition will run during the month of November and before that, various preparations will be made. We are looking for you who are interested in shares and who want to join in shaping this new project.

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European Career Tour

Last year’s edition to Paris, Frankfurt and Dublin was a success! We are now looking for a new project group who is eager to contact companies and arrange a career trip to several cities in Europe! The trip will be during VT20 and it is the Project group who choose which companies and cities to visit. There is also room to arrange activities for the future participants during the week or if you just want to enjoy what Europe’s cities has to offer!

If you are interested in an international career, likes to get new connections all around the world and are driven and creative, this is a project for you! We are looking for 4 project members and 1 project leader.

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Uppsala International Week

What does Uppsala International Week Entail?

Uppsala International Week is one of UE’s largest and most rewarding projects. Throughout the course of eight months you will develop valuable professional skills and become exceedingly close as a project group as you plan, finance, and execute one of the most fun and exciting weeks of your life!

UIW is part of the global network, IWCO, which is comprised of 26 member universities around the world. We offer students from our partner universities the opportunity to experience the very best of Uppsala and Sweden through a week of free social, cultural, academic and business-related exchange. In return, we send students from Uppsala to destinations across the globe! During the week itself, which is held in May, the project group coordinates 20 Swedish students from Uppsala, who host 20 international students. The week is comprised of many fun activities including, an overnight at a lake, company visits in Stockholm, an international dinner, a gasque and much more!

The goal for the network is for all IWs to be completely free for participants (with the exception airplane tickets) in order to offer students the opportunity to participate regardless of their economic means. The work for the project group is comprised of planning, financing, and marketing the week in order to make everything possible.

What are we looking for in applicants?
Project Managers (2 places)
Together the project manager and vice-project manager will be responsible for leading and coordinating the work of the project group towards the goal of hosting a fantastic week in May. As a part of the project management team, you will also be responsible for maintaining the contact and ongoing marketing necessary to give Uppsala students the opportunity to participate in other international weeks throughout the course of the year. You will take a leading role in developing the project’s goals, overarching strategies, and routines. You will also assume responsibility over the project’s budget and contact between the project group and the organizations that it is a part of (UE and IWCO). We are looking for candidates that are driven, structured, and are constantly seeking to improve things around them. As a part of the project management team you will develop your leadership and management skills, gain insight into recruiting and team building, and learn a host of professional skills from budget management to marketing and promotion.

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Writer for the last number of Reversen

Do you want to make history? Ever since 1974 the members of Uppsalaekonomerna has written about their interests, dreams, thoughts and arguments that’s been published in Reversen, the associations own magazine. But new times stand before us and the magazine will be facing a major digitalization after this semester! This will hopefully favour both readers and writers in the future. Therefor we will publish a much more lengthy jubilee number this semester. We want YOUR article for the LAST NUMBER of Reversen! Is there anything you’d like to convey to your fellow students? Something you’ve thought about for a while? Something you’d like to debate? Fiction, poetry, photography, art, anything is welcome!

Because of the upcoming digitalisation of our beloved paper, our thoughts draws towards what the future holds. This ofcourse sets the theme for our last issue of Reversen – Sustainable future: Equality, Mental health and Environment. But this does not have to limit your writing, we welcome all idéas and subjects.

If you have any questions please send them to . The deadline for your text is the 26th of November.

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Who can apply?

Everyone! We’ve got projects that doesn’t require any previous experiences – as well as projects, or roles within projects, that’ll be interestingly challenging for those of you who have done things before. Similarly we’ve got projects that only takes a month as well as those running over an entire year. Thus, there are projects perfect for you, regardless of the amount of time you want to spend or what type of project you want to organise.


How does it work?

During the spring semester we’ll open up a number of “Application periods” where you can apply to our projects. In most cases you apply by filling in a short web form. We recommend doing this as thoroughly as possible. How the process goes on from there depends on what project and the committee you are applying to, but be prepared for an interview with the committee presidents. You will, however, get notified within a couple of days. If you succeed, you and your project group will have a start up meeting and some training – then it’s go time!

How do I find out more?

Talk to any Elected member and they will tell you more! Or send an email, attend a committee meeting or swing by Borgen, our association house, to eat your lunch. If can be fun to talk to active project groups to know more about how it is to do projects within the association in general – but when it comes to details about a specific project it is best to talk directly to the committee presidents. You find their contact details through the Activity tags below.

We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you the best of luck with your application!