Every year Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association organises several supplementary courses, 20 parties, 35 “gasques”, activities together with more than 100 companies and much more. We have a fashion show, a regatta, four sports tournaments, seven sport practices a week, and we offer our members 27 chances to travel abroad. Almost all of these activities are arranged by project groups formed out of our 350 active members. Of course we want you to be one of those, so that the association can keep developing with the help of your personal ideas, perspectives and knowledges.

What can I apply for?

Apply HERE!

Apply to become network leaders for VERA

2 network leaders / 20 weeks

Do you want to influence gender equality in the business world? Then VERA is something for you! VERA is Uppsalaekonomernas network with a focus on feminism in business world. If you have good ideas, drive and a great interest in both business and gender equality, VERA is perfect for you. We are looking for two network leaders who together will organize different types of events during the semester to promote feminism in business world. Usually 4-6 smaller events are held per semester such as breakfast- and “fika” meetings with potential lecturers as well as boys ‘and girls’ dinners. The purpose of VERA is to bring together new, as old students to shed light on gender equality and motivate and inspire each other to develop themselves and their network of contacts in professional contexts. As a network leader, you have the opportunity to freely organize the events and decide for yourself on how the purpose is to be achieved, you will get a lot of support and inspiration from previous project groups and the committee presidents. Everyone is welcome to apply regardless of semester or previous commitment!

Network Leader: Uppsalaekonomerna Mentorship Program

2 network leaders / until 31/12/2021

We are looking for two network leaders for Uppsalaekonomerna’s new mentorship program. We are looking for two ambitious and innovative visionaries who will be involved in the start-up of this network. As a network leader, you will be a part of forming routines and working methods within the program, and you will be the one to launch the program for the first time ever in the history of Uppsalaekonomerna. For more information, follow the link HERE!

Homecoming Weeks

5 project leaders / ca 20 weeks

We´re looking for 5 organized projectleaders for our NEW, EXCITING project Homecoming Weeks for our master- and exchange students. The project will be held in English and will run for 2-3 weeks. For more information – see the seperate event “Apply for projectleader for Homecoming Weeks”.

Buddy – fall term 2021

ca 50 buddies / 2-3 weeks

A Buddy´s purpose is to welcome new international exchange students / masterstudents to Uppsala University by creating fun events that both international and Swedish students can take part of. The project is called Homecoming Weeks, which is a new concept, a Buddy will get assigned an international student and be there for that person during their time in Uppsala! Do you want to be a part of welcoming new students to Uppsala and also recieve extra points for your own application to your exchange? Apply to become a Buddy today!

Reccegasquen HT21

1 project leader, 4 project members / ca 25 weeks

We are looking for a project group of who will organize the next Reccegasque, the grand finale of Recceveckorna. This is an exciting project where you will learn how to organize a big sitting and party for approximately 300 people, working with a budget, having contact with nations and also how to deal with a contract. The Reccegasque is a highly appreciated event and a night a lot of people will remember! Apply today!

Hit and Run 

2 project leaders, 4 project members / ca 20 weeks

It’s finally time! We are looking for a project group for our new event – HIT AND RUN! The event, that hopefully will be held in September, will include a rounders tournament as well as a day party and an after party. The project will need six project group members that are interested in arranging a tournament as well as arranging an awesome party. If this sounds interesting, don’t hesitate to apply!

Spontaneous application

You can also always register your interest of getting involved within the association by sending in a spontaneous application by clicking here. A notice of your interest means that you are in our register if a committee needs a project member to some of our projects that aren’t a part of an application period.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please send an email to


Who can apply?

Everyone! We’ve got projects that doesn’t require any previous experiences – as well as projects, or roles within projects, that’ll be interestingly challenging for those of you who have done things before. Similarly we’ve got projects that only takes a month as well as those running over an entire year. Thus, there are projects perfect for you, regardless of the amount of time you want to spend or what type of project you want to organise.


How does it work?

During the spring semester we’ll open up a number of “Application periods” where you can apply to our projects. In most cases you apply by filling in a short web form. We recommend doing this as thoroughly as possible. How the process goes on from there depends on what project and the committee you are applying to, but be prepared for an interview with the committee presidents. You will, however, get notified within a couple of days. If you succeed, you and your project group will have a start up meeting and some training – then it’s go time!

How do I find out more?

Talk to any Elected member and they will tell you more! Or send an email, attend a committee meeting or swing by Borgen, our association house, to eat your lunch. If can be fun to talk to active project groups to know more about how it is to do projects within the association in general – but when it comes to details about a specific project it is best to talk directly to the committee presidents. You find their contact details through the Activity tags below.

We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you the best of luck with your application!