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We are Uppsalaekonomerna

The main purpose of Uppsalaekonomernas is to conduct educational surveillance in close cooperation with students & universities, with the aim of improving education at the three departments for which the the union is representing: the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Economics & the Department of Statistics. Through this work, students are supported with educational issues & have an important influence in the quality of the economics programme design. 

Under leisure the association works for a meaningful & fun life outside of studies through events, sports & other social activities. In the field of Future the association works through close contacts & relationships with the business community. Through lectures, company visits, case competitions, job advertisements & informal meetings, Uppsalaekonomerna offers its members experience, contacts & knowledge for a significant future.

The association is managed by the board consisting of 10 elected members, nine of whom are entitled to vote, responsible for the long-term & strategic work of the organisation. The operational work is guided by the presidency who, together with the association's other elected representatives, committees and bodies, is responsible for the daily activities of Uppsalaekonomerna.

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Our history

  • 1971

    Uppsalaekonomerna, then UPEKON, was founded on 18 October 1971, by Jan Lövqvist, Kent Schultz and Mats Dafnäs. From the very beginning, the activities concerned the areas of educational monitoring, business contacts and social interaction.

  • 1973

    UPEKON grew rapidly and in 1973 it had 710 members.

  • 1980/1990

    In the 80s and 90s, new winds blew and the history of the association came to be marked by both the yuppie era and the peak of the IT boom. Projects, companies and students came and went, but the association endured.

  • 1994

    UPEKON merged with the International Association of Economists to form what we know the association as today - Uppsalaekonomerna.

  • 2010

    Uppsalaekonomerna began to work towards becoming their own union.

  • 2013

    The first application was submitted to the Consistory (the University's Board of Governors) but was rejected because Uppsala Student Union had better support among the students and more members at the departments concerned.

  • 2016

    Uppsalaekonomerna applied for a second time to the Uppsala University Board of Governors to obtain the status of a student union to take over the supervision of studies from the Uppsala Student Union at the Department of Economics, the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Statistics and the Department of Economic and Historical Sciences. The Consistory granted the application for the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Economics.

  • 2019

    Once again, it was time to apply for the status of a corps. This time, too, the Uppsalaekonomerna were considered to have the strongest ties to the members studying at the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Economics - but this time the Department of Statistics was also added.

  • 2021

    Today Uppsalaekonomerna is a student union of the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Economics and the Department of Statistics with constant plans for development. The association also celebrates 50 years!

U9 & our friendly societies

Uppsalaekonomerna is a member of the economics network U9, where the nine largest economics associations and unions cooperate on various organisational and educational issues. The nine associations represent over 30 000 enrolled students. This network meets at conferences twice a semester & exchanges knowledge & ideas on how members can get better studies, closer contact with the business world & get a better study-social life. 

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Uppsalaekonomerna is also part of UUFS, where all unions at Uppsala University work together with central student monitoring. 

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The association also has fruitful exchanges & collaborations with different associations in Uppsala which are listed below: