New student? Look here!

Are you accepted to the business and economics program or courses within these areas? Then you have found your home! Uppsala Business & Economics Students Association is an organisation at Uppsala university which among other things organises the welcoming weeks for both Bachelor and Master students. 

Hi new student,

Welcome to Uppsala and Uppsalaekonomerna. We hope that you will have a great experience here in Uppsala.


Uppsalaekonomerna is one of Sweden’s largest student’s associations with over 2500 members. Every semester we organize welcoming weeks for new bachelor and master students. Every student at any business or economics program and course is welcome to participate.

It’s not easy to be a new student in Uppsala, so we have put together some useful tips:


Uppsalaekonomernas Welcoming Weeks Bachelor students:

Add this profile on Facebook for the latest news regarding the Bachelor Welcoming Weeks.


Here you can create an account and become a member of one of the city’s 13 nations.


Don’t forget to register for your courses at the Student Portal.


Studentstaden is resonsible for student housing. However, they have very long queue.

In this Facebook-group you can find second hand literature and housing.

Do you have any questions regarding the welcoming weeks?

Send an e-mail to




Do you have any questions regarding Uppsala or Uppsalaekonomerna?

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