Home distribution of Reversen ends

During the board meeting on the 30:th of January, the board decided that Reversen would no longer be distributed directly home to the associations members, starting from the first issue of 2017. The decision was made after a board investigation in which both the current editor in chief as well as the previous editor in chief participated. The decision was motivated by a number of different factors including cost, distribution and the reading of the magazine.

What does this mean?

Reversen will continue to exist as a magazine. It will still be sent to Borgen three times per semester and it will be displayed at both Borgen and Ekonomikum, available for everyone who wants to read to take a magazine. The magazine will look the same, the committee will continue to work in the same way and there will still be an online version of the magazine available on ISSUU. The editorial staff will strive to make the magazine more visible, both at Borgen and Ekonomikum and each time the magazine arrives there will be a release mingle held at Borgen where everyone, both readers and writers, are welcome.

Why is this done?

As mentioned, the decision was influenced by several factors, but in short the main reasons were the fact that students move a lot without updating their address in the associations’ register which is why several hundreds of magazines never arrive at their destination, as well as the fact that even among the associations most active members, several does not read the magazine regularly. In combination, these two reasons causes as situation where the association spends large sums of money on printing magazines that either never arrives or aren’t read.

If you have any questions regarding this decision, the investigation or the consequences, please contact Editor in Chief Simon Billinger at chef.reversen@uppsalaekonomerna.com.