Capgemini Consulting Case Academy is looking for project group

Cannot wait to get started after the summer? Now we start the fall of looking for a project to one of the business committee’s projects. Submit your application no later than Sunday 6/9!

Committees: Business Committee

One project manager and two project members

Apply through this link:

One of the business committee’s major projects during the fall semester. A case competition as in previous edition was held over three days with lectures from the Department of Business, Capgemini and guest speakers followed by a workshop and case solving led by Capgemini Consulting. The event ends with a seating at one of the city’s nations. A great project to be involved in if you have minor experience from project work in Uppsalaekonomerna.

If you need a little time to think – Application Period 1, where many projects will be added, will be open from Friday, 11/09 and Sunday, 09/20.