“Borgen” is Uppsalaekonomernas residence and acts as both an office for trustees and project groups and a meeting place for the association’s members. It’s always free coffee at Borgen and if there is space, feel free to study there.

In the early life of the association they shared offices with the business department of Uppsala university, but moved to their own place in 1976. This was the start of the “basement-age” that lasted for three relocations and eightteen years. In 1994 the association moved to KFUM-Borgen at Strandgatan where one could fit a sofa and a boombox. The same year UPEKON was merged with the International Business & Economics Association and formed Uppsalaekonomerna. The real uplift came 1998 when the association moved to the premises next to Ekonomikum. The name Borgen stuck but everything else was improved and renewed. The closeness to Ekonomikum and the size of the offices enabled the association to grow to new levels.

The growth of the association and the too small old offices led to a new move in april 2006. The new Borgen is a pink house further up in the Ekonomikum park and the new address is Kyrkogårdsgatan 2B!

Why not stop by and grab a coffee? Welcome!