Ekonomikum (the Business & Economics building)

Bachelor programme

The three-year undergraduate degree program in business and economics at Uppsala university is one of Sweden’s most respected degrees in the subject. In 2020 the university as a whole ranked as number 77 in the world by Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

The program provides students with a broad foundation in business and economics, as well as statistics and economic history. You can choose any of these four and commercial law as your major. They can also choose to complement their degrees with courses from other departments. As the last part of the degree, students write a Bachelor’s thesis worth 15 credits.

Successful completion of our undergraduate degree satisfies entry requirements for Master’s programs in Sweden and abroad. If you want to read more about the master programs at Uppsala you can find more information here.

The courses on bachelor level are generally taught in Swedish.

Other bachelor programs

At Uppsala university you can major in the above mentioned subjects by taking freestanding courses, studying the bachelor program in social sciences or the bachelor program in political science.