Apply for the summer school scholarship

What is Summer School?

Many schools in Europe and in the rest of the world offers courses during the summertime but usually for a fee. Taking the opportunity to study at a foreign school is a great idea if you for instance do not have a summer job, or if you would like to take courses that are simply not available in Uppsala. The courses can usually be credited and into the bargain get great memories and an educational time!


What is The Uppsala business and economics student association’s summer course scholarship?

The scholarship is available only for members of Uppsala business and economics student association and will fund summer courses at prestigious foreign universities, meaning universities that ranks high in the rankings corresponding to the Financial Times Ranking. The scholarship will completely or partially finance the flight, accommodation and also  course fees for the student who receive it. This year the scholarship amount is set to 20 000 swedish crowns, which will be divided into two installments, one before departure and one after returning home.


The selection of the scholarship holder will be made by the association’s board in collaboration with representatives from the business and economic departments at Uppsala University. Grades in courses at higher levels will be prioritized, and the motivation-letter and the estimated costs are secondly prioritized.

The applicant who is granted a scholarship will, besides the funds, receive a motivation as to why the scholarship was received. The motivation will along with the applicant’s name be published on the associations website and other social medias. If the applicant, during the application round, is or has previously been an elected representative of the association makes no difference in the decision, as long as the applicant is not a board member of the association.


The applicant is sole responsible to look in to wether there are any other obligations for the other financiers, for example CSN.


Who can apply?

You should:

– Be a member of the association

– Be enrolled in business- or economics-related studies at Uppsala University for at least 30 credits

– Have at least completed 60 credits in business or economics-related subjects or be registered for an MSc program in the subjects at Uppsala University. Business- and economics-related subjects are business (including commercial law), economics, statistics, economic history and cultural geography with a specialization related to economy.


What should the application include?

– An application to the foreign university including the selected courses or, if possible, an admission letter.

– Motivation letter with a picture of the applicant

– A cost-estimate of the costs of travel, accommodation and course fee

– Transcript of records


What do I need to/can I not do if I receive the schoolarship?

– The recipient may not use the received funds for purposes other what thescholarship is intended for. Before the second installment can be received, the scholarship holder need to be able to show a transcript of records with approved results from the foreign university in cources that corresponds to the ones stated in the initial application.


– The holder of the scholarship will also have to write a so called “travel story” that describes what it was like to study at the foreign university. This travel story will be published in the association’s newspaper or in any of the other platforms that the assosication has. Other parts of the scholarship process (besides the travel story), can also be used for marketing purposes to further spread the knowledge of the scholarship.


Important dates

Deadline to apply for summer courses/summer schools: are very different and usually close when all spots get filled. Therefore we urge applicants to apply for their cources as quick as possible!


Deadline to apply for the Summer Scholarship: April 8th (If needed applicants can make additions the letter of admission until the final day).

Notice of application: The applicant will be notified April 22nd

Publication of scholar: May the 16th


The applications and any further questions should be sent to the following mail address:


Make sure to take this opportunity and apply to your dream school over the summer, you will not regret it!