Application Period #2 is now open – deadline October 23rd!

Just in time for the Welcoming Weeks to finish up with the big gasque, we are opening up a new Application Period! Why not try the life as an active projectmember of Uppsalaekonomerna? Right now we have 6 new projects you can apply for.

As an active member of the association you gain valuablue extra curricular experiences, an invitation to our appreciated thank you-parties and a greater insight in the warm community that is Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association! Apply no later than midnight, Sunday the 23th of October.

These are the projects now open for application:

♦Alumni dinner
♦UE Pluggar
♦The Christmas Party
♦After School
♦UE Regatta

Project descriptions, how the application process works and application link is to be found here.

Don’t hesitate to contact the committee responsible for the project, any other elected member if you have any questions or thoughts. We look forward to your application and wish you all an amazing last month of the semester!