Application for Head of IT and Art Director of Reversen

The application process for our two new trustee positions, Head of IT and Art Director for the association’s magazine Reversen, has now opened!

Do you enjoy having the responsibility of the association’s informationsystem and IT, then Head of IT is something for you! We want you who aspire to not just maintain but also improve the association, both in regards to IT and information systems but also the association as a whole. Candidates applying for this position should have some knowledge on IT-systems and network connections.

If you instead are in how text and pictures is shown visually in a magazine, the Art Director for Reversen should fit you perfectly. We are now looking for people who will continue to maintain and improve on the high graphical standard for our award-winning magazine. Candidates should have some experience in graphical design programs such as Photoshop, InDesign and/or Illustrator.

No earlier experience from the association is needed to apply, the most important for us is that you as a candidate are driven to improve the work from your predecessors regarding the position and also to be a part of and represent the association.


Send in your application by clicking on the tab “Get involved” at the top of the page, and then click on the alternative “Trustee”

There, fill in the name, which semester you read, tell us briefly about yourself, earlier involvement in the association (if you have any) as well as a short explanation of why you are seeking the post you make.

What happens after the application process?

Once you have submitted your application to us, we will contact all applicants for a personal interview. Then you get a 30-40 minute interview and chance to introduce yourself. Based on the interviews, we will then nominate the candidates we deem appropriate to the board of the association. The nominated candidates will be attending the board meeting on Tuesday december the 1st. The nominated candidates will there get to present themselves to the board and then answering questions that the board have. After the board has met every nominated candidate, they will decide who will become the new trustee’s for the semester of spring 2016.


The entire election process is covered by anonymity. Only those who are nominated and attend the board meeting are published. Candidates who are not nominated, or those who regret their application will not be revealed. The Election Committee has secrecy concerning the entire process.

Important dates

Last day to apply: Sunday, November the 22nd, 23:59

Board meeting where new Head of IT and AD is chosen: Tuesday, December the 1st

Remaning questions

Do you have any questions regarding the application and/or selection process? Send a mail to the Nomination Committee, with your question

Questions regarding the position itself with its responsibilities and more can be directed to the people who are right now in charge of the trustee positions

Head of IT: Fredrik Geijer Haeggström, / 0768 309 343
Art Director: Zak Kjellin, / 0733 402 051