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As a member, you have the opportunity to get involved in the part of the union that seems most interesting - with us there is something for everyone! To help you find your way, we've put everything you need to know in one place!

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We work closely with the business community and on our very own careers portal we have gathered a range of positions that you can apply for as a student or for those who have just graduated.


Reversen is our digital member magazine that provides news and insights from student life. You can also contribute to the magazine by writing something that interests you!

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Välkommen till Borgen


Borgen är vår föreningslokal där alla våra medlemmar är varmt välkomna! Kom förbi och drick en gratis kaffe, studera på någon av våra studieplateser eller jobba med föreningsarbete.

Our union

Uppsalaekonomerna is a non-profit student association and student union for economics students at Uppsala University. Today, the association has over 2000 members, of which about 350 are active in various projects and activities. This makes the association one of Uppsala's largest student associations and one of Sweden's largest economics associations. The association's activities are divided into three areas: studies, leisure & future where the main purpose is to monitor and improve education.



We are open to all students, no matter who you are or where you come from, and all members have the right to be seen and to take their place.

Forward thinking

Uppsala economists always strive to develop themselves by taking on new challenges. The ambition is to be constantly at the forefront.


There are no bad ideas or stupid questions. We act respectfully towards each other and external parties. Everyone is equally valued and treated equally.


Uppsala economists support and listen to each other and work to ensure that everyone feels involved. We create strong bonds that make friends for life.

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Uppsala economists' career portal

Mötet mellan företag & studenter

Söker du efter ett sommarjobb? Internship? Eller heltids- och deltidsjobb? Då har du hittat rätt. Career Service är Uppsalaekonomernas karriärsportal där det varje dag publiceras nya annonser från företag världen över – besök för att hitta drömjobbet. 



Buy unique products

Now you finally have the chance to buy our unique merch! The range includes everything from hoodies and water bottles to backpacks and songbooks. Place your order today and make yourself visible as an Uppsalaekonom!

Our work for your well-being

Uppsalaekonomerna works actively with the well-being of our members in order to provide the tools needed to feel good & thrive during their studies. Whether it's a question of mental health or abuse, we want you as a member to know where to turn. We have therefore compiled a page with important information to help you find the right forum or contact person as easily as possible. Never forget that you are important!

Do you have any questions?


If you have a specific question that you need answered, you can find the contact details of the association's board and committees below. It can be anything from a problem you need to ventilate to questions about a specific committee you are interested in knowing more about. 


How do I become a member and is it for free?

Becoming a member is completely free! All you have to do is register as a member with us at Uppsalastudent

What is included in my membership?

With us you will get:

  • Free membership
  • Participate in all our activities from corporate events, training sessions & gasquer
  • Complete your education & gain relevant work experience through the association's various projects
  • Get in touch with working life
  • Have fun & make friends for life

How do I get involved?

Varje månad lägger vi upp "Tillsättningsperioder" på vår Facebook sida. Där kan man söka en diverse olika projekt att engagera sig i, alltifrån Reccegasque och brännbollsturnering till företagsevenemang. Det krävs inga förkunskaper, du är alltid välkommen att söka till projekt eller delta på utskottsmöten! 

Man kan även söka Förtroendevald i föreningen och vilket innebär att man sitter på en post och har ansvar för ett verksamhetsområde inom Uppsalaekonomerna. Dessa poster tillsätts på föreningens Vår- och Höststämma.

Läs mer om alla olika engagemang på vår "Engagera dig" sida.