The university hall

Why Uppsala?

Uppsala is the number one student city in Sweden and here you can experience a student life way better than anything else. Many of our members describe their time at Uppsala university as the most memorable periods of their lives. On top of this the education is world class and the Business & Economics Bachelor Program at Uppsala university was ranked number 1 in URANK’s ranking 2013 and 2014.


Uppsala university is often ranked top 100 in different rankings of the best universities in the world, and the Business & Economics Bachelor Program was ranked number one in URANKs ranking for similar programs in Sweden both 2013 and 2014. At Uppsala university you can choose between majors in Business Administration, Economics, Statistics, Economic history and Commercial Law and over 2000 courses as your minor.

For your master you can choose between different tracks in Business Administration and also a master in Statistics or Economics. The master programs are of top class and you can enjoy the close proximity of Stockholm and the industries and companies there.

Student life

Uppsala has a unique student life and is often referred to as Sweden’s best student city. With traditions as gasques, Valborg, ball and a lot more it is not unusual to see people in tuxedos or long dresses bicycling around Uppsala. The student life in Uppsala centres around the 13 nations and the numerous student associations in the city. The nations offer a range of activities as: restaurants, pubs, sports, choirs and night clubs. The associations can offer study social activities, sports, study aid and gasques. It’s not fair trying to describe the Uppsala student life – why don’t you come and try it for yourself?

To become a member of one of the nations, or for information regarding Uppsala’s Student nations Kuratorskonventet guest cards, click on this link.


Uppsala university was founded 1477 and is therefore the oldest university in the Nordics. Even if many years have passed Uppsala is still bound to many of the traditions and many well-known scientists and profiles have studied here. To just name a few: Anders Celsius, Carl von Linné, August Strindberg, Karin Boye, Dag Hammarskjöld, Marcus Wallenberg Sr., Anna Lindh, Anders Borg, Nyamko Sabuni and Niklas Zennström. Take the chance to follow their path!