The treasury is one of Uppsala Business and Economic student association’s operative parts and it’s responsible for the associations finances. And offers a unique insight into the diffrent parts of the association and it’s economy.

In practice, this means responsibility for operating accounts, the association budget, that the association’s bills are paid on time and that billing is handled without problems. And at the end of the fiscal year the Treasury also present a annual finansial statment for the association.

The Treasury consists of Treasurer and a Vice Treasurer. The term of office in the Treasury is in total one year. You sit one semester as Vice Treasurer to get familiar with the routines and then one as Treasurer. The term as Vice Treasurer is mostly a learning period with the Treasurer’s support.

As Vice Treasurer, you sit in the association’s committee group (UG). As Treasurer, you sit on the board as a board member and contributes with reports of financial support for important board decisions.

If you are interested in gaining wider economic knowledge or perhaps a future career as an accountant or an auditor the Treasury is a perfect gateway. You get practical experience that complements your education and prepares you for working life.

If you want to learn more about us and our work you are welcome to stop by anytime!