The Board

The Board is, except for the Association’s bi-annual meeting, the highest deciding body within Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association. The Board is responsible to plan, coordinate and lead the association. This includes doing investigations on current and possible future acitivity of the association, and being in charge of association’s financial activites. The Board also elects some of the trustee positions, such as project managers for Kontaktdagarna, the IT-manager of the association and Art Director for the association’s newspaper. The board is represented by the Presidium, four board members with different responsbilities, the Treasurer, and the Secretary.

The board members respective responsibilities are:

Alumni – Is the link between current students in the Association and our alumni network, USOP. The board member with alumni responsibility often contacts alumnis to come back and do different lecturers for current students.

Head of the Election Committee – has the responsibility to lead and coordinate the Election Committee’s job, and to make sure that every appointing of trustee postions is following the association’s bylaws.

Board member – Two board members work 100% with strategic questions to develop the association

Secretary – is responsible for taking notes and establishing board journals for every board and committee group meeting. The secretary also takes part in board projects and is a part of all other activities that the board engages in.