Do you like to exercise but cannot afford a gym card? Are various tournaments, ski trips, surf trips and more events that appeals to you? Would you like to play football, volleyball, tennis or any of our other sports that we organize every week for free?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, the Sports committee is the perfect match for you!

The Sports committee makes sure that the members of Uppsala business and economics student association can for free, be enable to participate in various activities related to sport to keep an active lifestyle during the semesters spent studying. At the same time our committee also offer different projects that our members can engage in to further encourage an active life besides university.

Every other Wednesday at 3:15-4 PM we host meetings were we discuss the latest in the committee and the sports world, what projects are coming up and we also test your competitive side where you at the meeting can win prizes competing in the legendary challenge Battle of the Borg.

As aforementioned we also host weekly free times to practise different sports, here you see what times and at which location we play:

The Schedule for the fall 2016 will soon be updated.

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  • Surfing trip

    Together with other students we travel to Portugal to surf for a week with an instructor, this while doing other activities such as practicing yoga and playing beach volleyball. The trip is arranged in October.


  • P3-tournament

    A large tournament where several student associations from both Stockholm and Uppsala compete in different sports to see who is the best of doctor students, law students and of course students studying economics. The day ends with a 3-course dinner. The tournament is arranged in November every year.


  • Ski trip

    Every year in January we host a trip to the European alpes where we except skiing also go to after ski and have fun for a week before returning to Uppsala and the next semester.


  • Bubble football tournament

    To run around in a big plastic ball protecting you while playing football might very well be what most people dream of. That is why we host this event, no further explanation needed.