The Social Committee is responsible for all of Uppsalaekonomernas social activities. Our purpose is to offer all of Uppsalaekonomernas members a fun time alongside their studies, and also to give you practical experiences that you can benefit from in the future!

We offer all kinds of different events, from dinner parties (also called “gasquer”) with for example business students from Stockholm and Lund to various theme-parties and a spring ball! We even have our very own fashion show!

Social skills are hot in demand on the labour market and the best way to acquire these skills is to practice mingling and networking – and what is more pleasant than to practise these skills during non-contrived forms? Whether you are looking to network with other students, practicing project management by arranging our events or if you just are up for having a good time and partying we are confident that the Social Committee has something to offer!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning the Social Committee or our activities and events! You can reach us by email or phone (see below) or you can come see us at our committee meetings. Our committee meetings are held every other Monday at 16.00-17.00 at our association premises “Borgen”.

Hope to see you in the future!



  • The Welcoming Weeks

    To welcome all the new business students, we arrange the always so popular Welcoming Weeks, also known as Recentiorsveckorna or Recceveckorna. This autumn semester the theme of the Welcoming weeks is ”Most Viewed” and everyone is welcome to participate! For many, the Welcoming Weeks is the funniest period throughout their academic years so join in!


  • Recentiorgasque

    The recentiorsgasque or ”Reccegasquen” is the event that rounds up the Welcoming Weeks. Are you new in Uppsala? This is the perfect first gasque for you. Also, the winner of the Recce-trophy will be revealed… The gasque takes place during both the autumn semester (mid-October) and the spring semester (end of February).


  • Master Welcoming Weeks

    The Master Welcoming Weeks are arranges every autumn to introduce all new Master’s students to Uppsala! During the Master Welcoming Weeks several activities takes place such as a pub-crawl, a barbeque party, corporate events and a Mastergasque.


  • STIL

    STIL is our very own fashion show which takes place in October. The evening begins with a fashion show where fashion companies are showing their fall/winter collections! The fashion show then turns into a really glamorous party!


  • Halloween Party

    The scariest and most awesome theme party of Autumn is obviously the Halloween party! Students from all around Uppsala get together to show off their best costumes and party all night long. The event is one of Uppsalaekonomerna’s most popular parties and takes place in late October.


  • Gräddgasquen

    Gräddgasquen is a dinner party arranged by Uppsalaekonomerna for the “crème de la crème” of Swedish business students. We invite students from the Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University and Lund University to a luxurious evening! Keep your schedule open for the second weekend of November!


  • Christmas Party

    The Christmas Party is hosted for all members of who have been involved in a project of Uppsalaekonomerna during the autumn semester. The party will take place in December and is always appreciated by the members. It’s the perfect way to wrap up an awesome autumn semester!


  • Valentines Party

    What does the 14th of February mean to you? Well, of course it is the day of Valentine’s Party hosted by Uppsalaekonomerna. Bring your friends or your sweetheart and make sure you do not miss this year’s greatest theme party.


  • P3

    P3 is one of the year’s most festive parties, organized by Uppsalaekonomerna in collaboration with Law students’ Association in Uppsala and Medicinska Föreningen. The event occurs in March and it’s a great opportunity to socialize with law and medical students. It’s a dinner party with world-class entertainment and dance floor.


  • The Spring Ball

    Every year in May we arrange Uppsalaekonomernas Spring Ball – a very well liked and popular event that was last held at Uppsala Castle! At the Spring Ball the dress code is tuxedo and you get an excellent opportunity to show off the best version of yourself.


  • Spring Party

    The Spring Party is hosted for all members of who have been involved in a project of Uppsalaekonomerna during the spring semester. The party will take place in May and is always appreciated by the members. It’s the perfect way to wrap up an awesome spring semester!