Reversen is Uppsalaekonomernas member magazine, made by the members for the members. This magazine is your look into the union, what is happening right now, and what is happening in society at the moment? And what’s the best thing about Reversen? EVERYONE can write and participate with no demand of any previous knowledge!

Reversen is the committee it’s the easiest to get involved with. We require no previous knowledge and everyone can join, no matter if it’s your first or eleventh semester as an Uppsalaekonom. The only requirement is that you have an interest for writing, photography or illustrations.

The magazine is distributed 3 times each semester and is available at Borgen and Ekonomikum for anyone interested in reading it. Each issue focuses on one of Uppsalaekonomernas three legs: studies, future and spare-time. The main goal is that Reversen shall offer interesting and relevant reading and the magazine contains everything from articles to useful tips for students.



Reversens committee-meetings take place 3 times each semester in connection to the deadline. The meetings take place in KPMG Arenan at the student union building Borgen. At each meeting we have a new theme that focuses on different topics meant to give our members an insight into the committee and what it’s like to write and contribute.


Release mingel

The release mingle takes place ca 3 weeks after the deadline and it’s the first opportunity our members get to see the final product. During these mingles we offer prosecco, chips, create a cozy atmosphere and rearrange KPMG Arenan into a livingroom where the members come to read Reversen together with their friends. But in case you don’t have the time to read it at the time, swing by Borgen to pick up your own copy and bring it home with you! There are enough magazines for everyone!



Deadlines for each number can be found in the union calenadar and in the website calendar,  but we also post the deadlines in Reversen’s own Facebookgroup. If you are interested, just join the group for more information. Except for the above mentioned, the deadlines are also announced at our committee-meetings.

Deadlines HT17

  • 17/9 – 2017
  • 15/10 – 2017
  • 19/11 – 2017

About us

Except for the writers, photographers and illustrators Reversen consist of one Editor in Chief and one Editor (the committee’s second in command) who are responsible for the magazine. The editors work as support for the writers in the writing process, proof-read all the articles, have contact with the whole union in one way or another, and arrange the committe-meetings and release mingles. Reversen has one more position, Art Director, who is the one responsible for the layout of the paper. This person is the one in charge of the set-up of the magazine and the graphical design of it.

If you have any questions about Reversen – don’t hesitate to contact us! The easiest way to reach us is through our common email adress or our separata emails or phone numbers (see the box Contact us).