Hong Kong Week's participants 2016

The International Committee

As of today, the International Committee’s main focus is to operate as a link between business and economic students in Uppsala and the international labour market. Together with our active project members we actively work to strengthen this link through our projects within the committee. Our vision is to offer our members the opportunity to gain international experience during and after their studies at Uppsala.

The International Committee is responsible for all international activities within the association. We offer our members everything from career trips, to opportunities to meet with various types of businesses and companies abroad, to social activities such as welcoming weeks for exchange students in Uppsala. The International Committee constantly strives to give our members the best chance of succeeding in building a professional network within the international labour market. Our goal is to, through our projects and activities, help you to explore your interest and eventually achieve a a future international career.

The committee meetings

The International Committee has committee meetings every odd-week Wednesday between 3.15-4.15pm. The meetings take place at the KPMG Arenan in our association building Borgen and everyone who is interested is welcome to join. Every meeting has a specific theme with the goal of giving our members a better understanding about the committee and our projects. Furthermore, the purpose of the theme is to build a bridge between the international labour market and our students. Examples of previous themes at meetings are, for instance, “Leadership skills,” “CV-workshop,” “Corporate Social Responsibility,” and “Meet our project groups”.

About us

The International Committee has, besides its projects and project members, a president and a vice president who have comprehensive responsibility over the committee. The president and the vice president are in charge of the operational issues of the committee and work to support and a guide for the project groups. This include tasks such as mediating contact internally between the project groups and the rest of the association and running start-up and follow-up meetings for the project groups. They are also responsible for arranging and executing the committee meetings. As of today, the president and the vice president of the International Committee have similar responsibilities. Below you will find a more clear description of their roles and tasks.

If you have any questions regarding the committee, our projects or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us! You can reach us at internationellautskottet@uppsalaekonomerna.com  or at our phone numbers (see the box “Contact us”).

The President of the International Committee is currently responsible for a certain number of projects. Which projects they are responsible for depends on what semester that they assume their role. One of the responsibilities of being the president of the committee is that you will act as a mentor and link between the projects and the association. The president is also responsible for the budgets of our projects and the whole committee budget. In addition, the president attends the Investigation Group meetings, which is a platform where all committee presidents meet to discuss, workshop, investigate and bouncing ideas regarding the operational part of the association.

The Vice President of the International Committee is currently responsible for a certain number of projects. Which ones they are responsible for depends on what semester they assume their role. One of the responsibilities of being the president of the committee you will act as a mentor and link between the projects and the association. In addition, the vice president is also responsible for the committee meetings. The vice president is also present in the Leadership- and Personal Development group, which is a group where you discuss and workshop about leadership and personal development.


  • Buddysystem
    Buddysystem project image

    Buddysystem is responsible for welcoming business exchange students to Uppsala. Every exchange student is paired up with an Uppsala student for guidance and help before and at arrival. During the first couple of months of the semester Buddysystem arrange events where both Swedish and international students are welcome to join.

    Contact: buddysystem@uppsalaekonomerna.com

  • Hong Kong Week
    Hong Kong Week project image

    Hong Kong Week is a career trip the International Committee arranges. The main purpose of this project is to connect top Business and Economies student in Uppsala, who wish to pursue an international career, with companies located in Hong Kong. H&M, NASDAQ OMX, HSBC and Scania is only a few companies that we are going to visit this year – are you coming with us?

    Contact: hongkongweek@uppsalaekonomerna.com

  • European Career Tour
    European Career Tour project image

    European Career Tour is an annual career trip with main focus to establish a global network, expand your your knowledge about a career abroad and have the time of your life. You will get to visit well known global companies in a variety of cities. Earlier we’ve had the chance to visit companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Nike and Google in cities such as Dublin, Paris, Frankfurt – just to name a few.

    Contact: careertour@uppsalaekonomerna.com

  • Uppsala International Week
    Uppsala International Week project image

    Uppsala International Week (UIW) is part of a global network of 26 universities enabling Uppsala business students to go abroad and experience new cultures and meet people from all over the world. Each year every university arrange an International Week inviting students from all other universities. UIW, taking place in May, is a week filled with activities such as company visits, lectures, parties and Swedish traditions. For more information visit http://uppsalainternationalweek.com or http://www.iw-co.org.

    Contact: project@uppsalainternationalweek.com

  • New York Week
    New York Week project image

    During the fall, 20 lucky students will get the chance to spend a week in New York and visit several different companies. The students will get the opportunity to experience the city life, and get an exclusive insight into the American business culture. The aim of the trip is to offer the students an opportunity to create future business relationships in USA as well as getting a better understanding of what an international career can look like.

    Contact: newyorkweek@uppsalaekonomerna.com

  • Guest lecture
    Guest lecture project image

    Guest Lecture is a new project within the International Committee where the theme will present a topic with an international connection. The thought behind the project is to offer the members an opportunity to expand your international perspective without having to travel abroad!

    Contact: guestlecture.internationellautskottet@uppsalaekonomerna.com