Do you have an interest in finance? Then the finance committee is where you want to spend your time. Our committee arranges all of the associations projects related to finance. These projects span from visiting investment banks and mutual fund managers to learn more about what they are doing – to CV workshops and interview technique. 

Our philosophy is that through consistent qualitative work we can stay focused and relevant toward all members who might have thought about a career in finance. This means that you do not have to have a lot of past experiences to get involved, our goal is give you the tools necessary to take it from there.

To sum it up. We offer much of what you need to break into the world of finance, everyone is welcome to join us. A good place to start might be our open meetings held every other Thursday 15.15-16.15 with no pre-registration required. Hope to see you!


  • Day at the Office

    During a day in Stockholm a group of students get to visit several finance related enterprises. A group of students gets unique insight into how different financial companies differ from one another, and an opportunity to broaden their network. Earlier company visits include among others; CITIgroup, Royal Bank of Scotland, Söderberg & Partners and PwC. The visit is usually set in early May.


  • Women's Career Day

    Geared exclusively towards women, who gets to visit different finance related enterprises in Stockholm during a day. The group gets to know the businesses on an intimate level and opportunities to network. Earlier company visits include among others; Carnegie, Investor, Brummer & Partners and EQT. The visit is usually set in early December.


  • London Banking Week

    A group of students visit banks and other finance related companies during an entire week in London. The trip targets students who are interested in having an international career within the financial sector. Earlier trips include among others visits at Goldman Sachs, Credite Suisse, Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas. The trip is usually set in early October.


  • The Alumni Dinner

    Participants gets to meet interesting and sucessful alumni in a social and relaxed form over a dinner at a nation. During the evening alumni gives information on how they succeeded with their careers. You also get the opportunity to ask a lot of questions. The dinner is usually set toward the end of the semester.


  • The Finance Lecture

    A notable person in the financial sector visits Ekonomikum to lecture at a lunch break. The lecture is always finance related and can for instance cover how to finance a start-up or how a certain division in the financial sector works. The lecture takes place usually towards the end of the semester.