The most important thing students have is the education, and few things are more essential than ensuring the quality of it. This is what we in the education committee are working towards. Our main objective is to improve and further develop the business and economics education at Uppsala University, and we do so by working operationally on two fronts. Firstly, we critically examine the education in order to suggest improvements. We do this primarily with study surveillance, but also through our project ”Tycka-till”. Secondly, we arrange different projects that aims to give additional and complimentary education that our main education at the university do not offer, but that we, the students request. But more projects with similar purposes are in the works and on their way, so make sure to stay tuned!

Committee meetings

One way to influence our work in the committee or for you to express preferences about what you want to see more of, is by attending our committee meetings. During these meetings we offer a lovely breakfast and talk about what is currently happening within the committee. We try to keep the meetings dynamic and will have different themes at our meetings where we focus on something specific and relevant, such as: GMAT, study techniques or course selection. Our meetings take place at Borgen at Tuesdays starting 9.15 during even weeks, so make sure to stop by!

About us

President, the President of the committee has responsibility for the committees budget, and is responsible for the committee as whole. The President is is also a member of “Utskotts-gruppen” a forum for all the committees, where operative issues are discussed and investigated. The President is also vice chairman in the Strategic Educational Council, the unions highest organ in educational matters.

Vice-president, the Vice President and President in the committee is working very closely together, so the Vice President is involved in the committee throughout. The Vice President is also the secretary of the Strategic Educational Council.

To be a part of the education committee we do not require you to have any past experiences within our association. So do not hesitate to get involved, whether it is by attending a meeting or by applying for a position in one of our projects, the change begins with you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at


  • Have-your-say

    Have-your-say is a project that offers students an opportunity to influence their education by answering questionnaires concerning different areas of education among other things. Within this project we also organize focus groups where students get a chance to discuss their education in a more relaxed atmosphere with teachers as well as representatives from the concerned institutions at Uppsala university.


  • Dream lecture

    This project is a lecture where we invite representatives from various institutions to present their subjects and fields of study in a joint lecture. All the subjects are within business, economics and statistics. The idea of this project is to offer the students more information about the courses that are available to them, which course they should take if they want to specialize in a particular area and what they can work with after their graduation.


  • Career night

    Career night offers the students an opportunity to meet former business and economic students, so-called alumni, who are now on the job market. The invited alumni tell about their time at the university, and their way to the job market, and also what their careers have looked like. The idea of this project is to let students take advantage of the opportunities that await them when their studies are completed.


  • Book Fair

    Bokbytardagarna are held at the beginning of each semester and offers the students an opportunity to sell and buy used textbooks. All sales are handled by an appointed project team, which means students just need to submit their books and set a price they wish to sell them for. The project team takes care of the rest.


  • Future as an Employee

    Future as an Employee is a project that provides students with important tools for future job interviews. During this project, students will not only learn how to solve a case in the best way possible, but also learn how to excel at a job interview. This project is one of our newest, and we aim for this project to take place once every semester.


  • Excel course

    These courses is meant to give fundamental knowledge in Excel. The courses will be held twice during the semester, a beginners course and one that goes deeper into applications.

  • Swedish Nationals Business & Economics

    SM i ekonomi: SM i ekonomi, is a swedish nationals in Business & Economics. It is organized every year during the spring semester. The project team is in charge of organizing the round at Uppsala University. The winning team will then get to travel to the big final and defend the title that we won in 2015!


  • To choose day

    To choose day is arranged in time for the course selection that occurs every semester. During the day there is the opportunity to speak with representatives from different institutions to gain a better insight and guidance in the existing courses.

  • Quiz Night