VERA is a network for all students who identify themselves as women within the Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association. The purpose with VERA is to gather students, both newly enrolled, seniors and master students, to motivate and inspire each other to development. Do you enjoy meeting new people? To change your perspectives? To challenge yourself? If so, VERA is definitely something for you!

VERA is governed as a separate network under the board of the association. This gives us great freedom to form the network after our collective ideas and thoughts. Our ambition is to create a network where girls can come and learn from each other and extend their own networks through lectures, workshops and alike. Unlike the committees VERA do not host continuous meetings but instead meet at organized events or when you girls are interested in hanging out. We are always positive!

VERA will give you the chance to get inspired and motivated by interesting people while building a network together with other students. We believe in always extending ones circle of friends in order to be able to change thoughts and ideas and to get new inspiration. Hence, the goal with VERA is to build a platform where everyone gets the chance to do this. Who knows, perhaps you will meet a future business partner or even a new best friend?

Are you interested in joining VERA? Click here, contact us through email or say hi to us in school!


Sofie Henriksson
Network leader Vera
073 84 626 26

Emma Olsson
Network leader Vera
072 25 121 13