Every year Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association organises several supplementary courses, 20 parties, 35 “gasques”, activities together with more than 100 companies and much more. We have a fashion show, a regatta, four sports tournaments, seven sport practices a week, and we offer our members 27 chances to travel abroad. Almost all of these activities are arranged by project groups formed out of our 350 active members. Of course we want you to be one of those, so that the association can keep developing with the help of your personal ideas, perspectives and knowledges.


To what can I apply?


Sports trip

Have you ever had the dream to visit some of the greatest sporting events in the world along with your friends, apply to Sportresan. The Project group will decide which event we’re
visiting, which city to spend the weekend at and what to to besides the sporting event itself!

Rolls to apply for:
3 project members

To apply for the sports trip, click here

Skii trip

Every year in January we host a trip to the European alpes where we go skiing, partying after ski and have fun for a week before returning to Uppsala and the next semester.

Rolls to apply for:
1 project leader
3 project members

To apply for the skii trip, click here



The largest student oriented futsal-tournament is back! Last years tournament was a success with over 200 attending student-athletes from Umeå in the north to Copenhagen in the south. The project group of Universitetsfejden 2018 is looking for 8 people to help out during the tournament, as well as 4 people to help during the gasque.

Rolls to apply for:
8 coworkers (tournament)
4 coworkers (gasque)

To apply for Universitetsfejden, click here


Equal March

March 8th it is International Women’s Day, then a number of people in mainly finance and
business will visit Uppsala. The keywords that will pervade the day are to problematize,
motivate and inspire. After an afternoon filled with lectures and workshops we will end the day on a nation for a dinner. This is the second edition of a new project within the association, which means you get a free hand and great opportunities to make the project your own. We are looking for you who are creative, can take great responsibility and be able to work

Rolls to apply for:
1 Project leader
4 Project members

To apply for Equal March, click here


Women’s Career Day

Do you identify yourself as a woman and are you interested in finance? Are you creative, driven and want to gather valuable experiences for the future? Then Women’s Career Day is the project for you. As part of the project group, you will be involved in designing a day where women will have a unique opportunity to network with companies in the finance sector. For the project, which is scheduled for December 4th, we are looking for a project leader and two project members. The work will include project management, company contact, scheduling of the project day and budget. Last year, companies like Goldman Sachs, Nordea, Danske Bank and Deloitte were visited. Does this sound like something for you? Apply for WCD today!

Rolls to apply for:
1 project leader
2 project members

To apply for Women’s Career Day, click here


European Career Tour

Do you want to run a big international project and tie valuable contacts around the globe?
Do you want to gain practical experience on how to plan, start and execute a big project?
Are you perhaps also driven, outgoing, persuasive and eager to get things done?
Then European Career Tour is the perfect project for you!

We are now looking for five students – one project leader and four project members – that want to be a part of one of the International Committees biggest projects. European Career Tour stretches over the next two semesters and the trip will take place during spring 2019.

European Career Tour give 20-25 selected members of Uppsalaekonomerna a unique opportunity to visit successful international companies located in European cities. During seven intense and fun days the participants will be visiting companies from different lines of businesses in three vivid cities. ECT give students the chance to tie contacts with global known employers abroad and insight in how international companies work.
Earlier years ECT visited cities like London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin and Frankfurt. Where the participants visited companies like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Nike and Google.
What cities and companies to visit 2019 is up to the new project group to decide!

Who are we searching for?
For this project we are looking for students that are structured, communicative and work well in team. We are also looking for people with the skill set to sell our concept, European Career Tour, to companies as well as convincing sponsors to invest money in it to make it possible.

If you have a great interest in international relations, are driven and goal-oriented, possesses strong social skills and are comfortable in speaking and writing in English do not hesitate to apply – you will not regret it!

Previous involvement in Uppsalaekonomerna is not a requirement.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

Rolls to apply for:
1 project leader
4 project members

To apply for European Career Tour, click here


Uppsala International Week

As a part of the project group, you will work together with the project manager and vice project manager in the planning and execution of Uppsala International Week. The responsibilities of the project members vary, but as a whole consist of three main areas

Communication (2 places)
As a part of Communication, you will largely have free reign in spreading awareness of the project and the Uppsala International Week concept. The work will primarily be comprised of making students in Uppsala more aware of the project – we want everyone in Uppsala to know what Uppsala International Week is. How to accomplish this is a part of the new communication group members’ responsibilities, the sky is your limit! For this role we are looking for candidates, who are creative, full of ideas and are ready to take the project to new heights! Previous experience with Photoshop, video editing, and other marketing-related skills is plus but not a requirement. As a part of Communication you will gain valuable marketing and communications skills.

Event (3 places)
As a part of Event, you are responsible for all of the activities during the week with the exception of the company visits. In previous years, there has been an overnight at a cabin outside of Uppsala, a trip to Stockholm, a gasque at a nation, an activity-packed pub-crawl and much more. For this role, we are looking for candidates, who are organized, outgoing, goal-driven, and, of course, want to show off Uppsala’s best side! As a member of Event you will acquire experience with budgeting, logistics and event management

Corporate Relations (3 places)
As part of Corporate Relations, you are responsible for financing the project. Given the goal of having the week be completely free for the participants, this is a very important part of the project work. Company sponsors have previously financed the project, and other contributions will take a new direction this year. If you are interested in networking and establishing valuable contacts for the future, this role should be of particular interest for you. For this position, we are looking for candidates, who are driven, stubborn, and outgoing.

During the interview, we will ask you to present which roles in the project you are most interested in, given the project descriptions that you have read. We will take your wishes into consideration during the selection process.

Rolls to apply for:
2 communication
3 event
3 corporate relations

To apply for Uppsala International Week, click here


The book club

Are you also tired of just reading educational books and miss reading a book you actually enjoy? Then the Book Club is just the right project for you! The Book Club is the Education Committee’s newest project for the semester, and we are now looking for two new project leaders. As a project leader for the Book Club you will be responsible for creating several book circles througout the semester around a book that you’d like to read. You can take the book circles anywhere you like, and at the same time you will get at great opportunity to engage in Uppsalaekonomerna. Are you our next project leader? Don’t hesitate to apply and you will be guaranteed a wonderful semester. For questions about the project and application, please contact

Rolls to apply for:
2 project leader

To apply for the book club, click here


The case group

If you are interested in solving practical problems with your friends and expanding your skills for work later in life, the Case Group is the best possible project for you! The main purpose of the project is to educate students on case solving, and just excactly how you want to do this is entirely up to you and the other project members. You, as the project leader, for the Case Group will plan and organize all the case meetings, and, of course, use the cases that you think are interesting and instructive! The casegroup is a perfect opportunity for you who’d like an insight how to solve current problems in the working life, and is a very good merit to have on your resume in the future. For more questions about the project and application, contact

Rolls to apply for:
1 project leader

To apply for the case group, click here



Who can apply?

Everyone! We’ve got projects that doesn’t require any previous experiences – as well as projects, or roles within projects, that’ll be interestingly challenging for those of you who have done things before. Similarly we’ve got projects that only takes a month as well as those running over an entire year. Thus, there are projects perfect for you, regardless of the amount of time you want to spend or what type of project you want to organise.




How does it work?

During the spring semester we’ll open up a number of “Application periods” where you can apply to our projects. In most cases you apply by filling in a short web form. We recommend doing this as thoroughly as possible. How the process goes on from there depends on what project and the committee you are applying to, but be prepared for an interview with the committee presidents. You will, however, get notified within a couple of days. If you succeed, you and your project group will have a start up meeting and some training – then it’s go time!


How do I find out more?

Talk to any Elected member and they will tell you more! Or send an email, attend a committee meeting or swing by Borgen, our association house, to eat your lunch. If can be fun to talk to active project groups to know more about how it is to do projects within the association in general – but when it comes to details about a specific project it is best to talk directly to the committee presidents. You find their contact details through the Activity tags below.

We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you the best of luck with your application!