Every year Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association organises several supplementary courses, 20 parties, 35 “gasques”, activities together with more than 100 companies and much more. We have a fashion show, a regatta, four sports tournaments, seven sport practices a week, and we offer our members 27 chances to travel abroad. Almost all of these activities are arranged by project groups formed out of our 350 active members. Of course we want you to be one of those, so that the association can keep developing with the help of your personal ideas, perspectives and knowledges.


To what can I apply?

Right now we have a number of projects you can apply for! Deadline for your application is Sunday, October 22nd 11:59 PM. Do you have questions concerning the projects or the process? Send an email to the committee, or contact


Committee: Social
Looking for: 2 project managers

Money, pills and paragraphs (Pengar, piller, paragrafer) – the legendary gasque arranged by Uppsalaekonomerna together with the medical- and law students. The tickets for this event is highly sought after and it’s one of the most spectacular gasques during the spring semester. We’re looking for someone who’s creative, driven, thorough and who likes to work together with other people.

If you have any questions, contact:
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“New project”

Committee: Business and Finance
Looking for: 1 project manager, 4 project members

On the International Women’s Day, March 8th, Uppsalaekonomerna invites a number of women in mainly finance and business to share their experience of being female in these fields. The main focus of the day will be to problematize, motivate and inspire. After an afternoon filled with lectures and workshops we will end the day at a nation for dinner. This is a new project in the association, which means that you’ll have great opportunities to make the project your own. We are looking for you who are creative, responsible and able to work independently.

If you have any questions, contact:
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Committee: Business 
Looking for: 1 project manager, 3 project members

UE Regattan is one of the largest projects in the association. Here, a number of students will have the opportunity to meet representatives from some carefully selected companies during a day of intensive sailing, and end the day in more relaxed forms with a subsequent sitting.

If you have any questions, contact:
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KPMG International Case Competition
Committee: Business 
Looking for: 10 co-workers

KPMG International Case Competition is one of the world’s biggest case competitions where teams of four gets to solve a business problem within three hours and then present their solution to a panel of judges. As a co-worker you will have the opportunity to take part in everything this competition has to offer, without competing yourself. You will learn how case solvning works, earn a great merit for your resumé and be invited to a gasque with all the participants and as well as KPMG representatives.

If you have any questions, contact:
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Student representative

Responsible: Vice President, Head of Education
Looking for: 2 Student representatives (1 semester)

A student representative is a person who participates in Uppsalaekonomernas Strategic Education Committee (STRUT). STRUT meets circa once a month and is Uppsalaekonomernas deciding committee with regards to education questions and also works to influence both the department and the university in certain questions. The committee also writes the document that is the basis for all influence work that Uppsalaekonomerna does. We are looking for two student representatives, one with social environment responsibility and one with representation responsibility.

Social environment responsibility
In addition to participating in STRUT, the student representative with social environment responsibility is responsible for questions regarding mental health amongst students and work environment, as well as representing the union in different committees tied to these issues.

Representation responsibility
In addition to participating in STRUT, the student representative with representation responsiblity has the oppourtunity to be a representative for both the union and all students in certain central committees at the university level.

We are looking for someone who likes to make theirs and others voices heard and who cares about these questions.

If you have any questions, contact:
⇒ Apply here!




Who can apply?

Everyone! We’ve got projects that doesn’t require any previous experiences – as well as projects, or roles within projects, that’ll be interestingly challenging for those of you who have done things before. Similarly we’ve got projects that only takes a month as well as those running over an entire year. Thus, there are projects perfect for you, regardless of the amount of time you want to spend or what type of project you want to organise.



How does it work?

During the spring semester we’ll open up a number of “Application periods” where you can apply to our projects. In most cases you apply by filling in a short web form. We recommend doing this as thoroughly as possible. How the process goes on from there depends on what project and the committee you are applying to, but be prepared for an interview with the committee presidents. You will, however, get notified within a couple of days. If you succeed, you and your project group will have a start up meeting and some training – then it’s go time!


How do I find out more?

Talk to any Elected member and they will tell you more! Or send an email, attend a committee meeting or swing by Borgen, our association house, to eat your lunch. If can be fun to talk to active project groups to know more about how it is to do projects within the association in general – but when it comes to details about a specific project it is best to talk directly to the committee presidents. You find their contact details through the Activity tags below.

We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you the best of luck with your application!