Member opinions

Uppsalaekonomerna is an organisation that is constantly changing. Our operations are defined and formed by our members and therefore we are always trying to pay attention to what our members thinks and wants. The main way in how we do this is via our annual member survey. Below we present some opinions that have been expressed over the years as well as some actions we have taken to improve the student union as a result.


During the member survey of 2017 it was shown that 13% of the members considered the application process for becoming a trustee to be intimidating. To address this issue, the nomination committee has decided to arrange workshops focusing on public speaking to increase the possibillity for students to apply for becoming a trustee.

About the member survey

Each year Uppsalaekonomerna arrange a member survey in which we attempt to hear our members’ opinions about the student union and our operations. Normally, the survey is around 30 questions long divided in several parts: an introduction with some basic questions, and after that follows questions about active engagement in Uppsalaekonomerna, Borgen, study monitoring, business related questions, social activites as well as a final section that is different each year. The survey ends with a contest where the best answers to a final question is awarded with a secret price.

The member survey is usually held in may each year and you can do it both online and at Ekonomikum.

Do you have an opinion about something that we could change or improve and you do not want to wait for the member survey? Fill in the form below.