Ekonomikum (the Business & Economics building)

Master programmes

M.Sc. in Business and Management (120 credits)

The two-year program is designed to prepare you for professions at management level within private and public organizations both nationally and internationally, or for an academic career. The first semester is reserved for core courses, such as Strategy and Leadership, which are common to all students. During the second semester, you will take advanced courses in one of the below-mentioned specializations. The third semester is “elective”, which means that you may either choose to take elective courses, join the international Exchange Program and study abroad at one of our 65 partners, or do an internship at a company or organization.

You will acquire in-depth knowledge of one of three areas:

  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Organisation

M.Sc. in Accounting and Financial Management (120 credits)

The master programme in Accounting and Financial Management will give you expert skills within accounting, auditing, valuations and investments. In addition you will have the opportunity to specialize within one of the following areas.

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Control
  • Financial Management

M.Sc. in Economics (120 credits)

The program provides a solid foundation in modern economics and allows you to choose a specialization of your interest. The first year of the standard track is devoted to core theoretical and empirical methods, while the second year focuses on applications and specialization. This structure allows for your independence and self-reliance to grow as the program progresses. The program ends with a full semester of thesis work which allows you to put your skills to work and show your ability to independently perform advanced analytical tasks.

The program prepares you exceptionally well for a career in public administration and private organizations, as well as for any Ph.D. program in economics.