The association

Uppsala Business & Economics Students Association (Uppsalaekonomerna) is a non-profit studentorganisation and student union for business and economics students at Uppsala university. The association has over 2500 members where 350 is involved in projects and activities. Uppsalaekonomerna is one of the biggest student associations in Uppsala and one of the biggest for business and economics students in Sweden. The association’s activities is divided in three areas: leisure, future and studies where the ultimate purpose is to monitor and improve the education through evaluation and involvement together with the students and university.

In the leisure area, the association works for a meaningful and enjoyable student experience outside of academics through parties, events, games and sports, among other things. Through good connections and close relationships with the business world and market – and activities as lectures, visits, case competitions, job ads and informal meetings the members in Uppsalaekonomerna get a chance for a prosperous future. As a student union for the business department and economics department Uppsalaekonomerna works with study monitoring.

The association is led by the board who is responsible for the long term and strategic issues. The operative work is led by the presidium who together with the other 30 trustees are responsible for all daily activities and projects.




On October 18th 1971, UPEKON was founded by Jan Lövqvist, . Their goal was to elevate the status of the business education at the university and to work towards better connections with industry.

UPEKON’s tasks were initially to provide scholarships, seminars and internships. Additionally, theme days around inner well-being and spiritual development were arranged, true to the 70’s spirit.

The association grew rapidly and by 1973 boasted 710 members. Through their engagement, they enriched the student experiences of their classmen and those of generations to come.

During the 80’s and 90’s, times changed dramatically and the association was embossed with the ideas of the yuppie era and the growing IT bubble. Projects, companies and students came and went, but the association remained, stronger by the year.

In 1994 UPEKON was merged with the International Business and Economics Association and formed Uppsalaekonomerna.

In 2010 Uppsalaekonomerna applied to become a student union for the first time but the application was rejected because Uppsala studentkår hade more members. In 2016 Uppsalaekonomerna applied once again and the application was approved this time. From the 1:st of july Uppsalaekonomerna is a student union for students whithin business and economics.

UPEKON: Bussresa till England 1970-tal.

Bus trip to England 1970s.

Föreningsstämma 1973 - Grundaren Jan Lövqvist och stämmoordförande Knut Rexed

Annual meeting 1973. Found Jan Lövqvist.


U9 and association partners


Uppsalaekonomerna is a member in the business and economics network U9 where the nine largest business and economics students associations and unions are members. These nine members cooperate in different organisation and education related issues. The nine associations represent over 30 000 students in Sweden. The network holds conferences twice each semester and exchange knowledge and ideas how members could get improved education, closer relations with the business world and a more meaningful social life. The following associations and unions are members in U9:

EHVS – Business school in Växjö Student Association
ELIN – Business and Economics Students Association at Linköpings university.
Föreningen Ekonomerna – Student Association at Stockholm University School of Business
HHGS – The Student Union at Gothenburg School of Business
HHUS – The Umeå School of Business and Economics Student Association
HHSS – The Students Association at Stockholm School of Economics
JSA – JIBS Student Association
LE – LUSEM Student union
UE – Uppsala Business & Economics Students Association

Uppsalaekonomerna is also a part of “kårsamverkan” where all the student unions of Uppsala together study monitoring at the central level. The following student unions are a part of “kårsamverkan”:

US – Uppsala Student Union
Farmis – Uppsala Pharmaceutical Student Union
JF – Law students’ association in Uppsala
UTN – Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students
Rindi – Gotland’s Student Union Rindi
UE – Uppsala Business & Economics Students Association

Föreningen har också givande utbyte och samarbeten med olika föreningar i Uppsala:

MF – Uppsala Medicine Students Association
Samvetarna – Social Sciences Students Association Uppsala
UPS – Uppsala Political Science Students
EA – Entrepreneurs Academy
Dynamicus – Human Resource Management Students Association